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Top 10 Places to see in Odessa

What to see in Odessa? What place should be given the most attention when you visit Odessa during Euro 2012? We present our ranking of the best attractions in Odessa done by ua-traveling. The "Pearl of the Black Sea" Odessa is located on the south-west of Ukraine on the Black Sea. Odessa is a city of the sun, sea and the famous Odessa humor. In addition, it is the largest port in Ukraine, the third city by population, and the most cosmopolitan city in Ukraine.

1. Primorskiy Boulevard

Primorskiy Boulevard

Primorskiy Boulevard is the most famous street in Odessa. It is loved not only by the citizens, but also by tourists for its attraction and romance. Along the street grow many wonderful trees of different species and more than 100 years old. From the boulevard opens up a beautiful view to the sea and architectural attractions of city. In this district used to stop many celebrities in the 19th and 20th centuries. Walking along the Primorskiy Boulevard, you can not only enjoy the smell of the sea and the comfort lanes but also at the end of the boulevard you will find two more remarkable sights – the Potemkin Steps, constructed in the 18th century, and a monument to Duc de Richelieu.

2. Deribasovskaya street

Deribasovskaya street

Deribasovskaya street has been described in numerous works, including works of Ilf and Petrov. This street is the center of humor not only of Odessa, but probably the whole of Ukraine. Every year there are held all sorts of humorous events, contests and festivals. The street hosts a large number of monuments of different historical and literary characters, which are relevant to Odessa. In shops at Derebasovskaya street you can buy paintings, gifts, and souvenirs.

3. Monument to the Duke

Monument to the Duke

Armand Emmanuel du Plessis, Duc de Richelieu, a Frenchman by birth, emigrated to Russia after the French Revolution of 1789 and after taking part in the fighting on the side of Russia was appointed mayor of Odessa, receiving a temporary exemption from taxes, and thus began the development of city’s infrastructure . In 1814, Duke went to his homeland, leaving his savings to the Odessa lyceum. In 1828 after the death of the Duke, in Odessa was erected a monument in honor of the founder of the city - Duke de Richelieu.

4. Odessa Opera and Ballet Theater

Odessa Opera House

Odessa Opera House is considered one of the most beautiful theaters in the world. This theater was created in the style of Renaissance, and "affects not only the external splendor, but also interior decoration”. The building dates to the 18th-19th century and is decorated with sculptures and paintings made by famous masters. The ceiling of the theater is painted by Leffler, the pictures were taken from Shakespeares works. The theater has excellent acoustics, and its walls recall performances of such prominent figures as Tchaikovsky, Rimsky-Korsakov, Rachmaninov.

5. Potockiy Palace

Potockiy Palace

This is the family home of the Gentry Family Potocki, built in the 19th century. In the palace has been perfectly preserved the interiors: marble and hardwood floors with inlaid and painted ceilings. It is also famous for its homestead underground tunnels that lead from the basement of into different directions. At this point the building houses the Museum of Fine Arts, which presents original paintings of famous artists XVI-XIX centuries, such as Avazovsky, Shishkin, Repin, Savrasov, Roerich and Vrubel, Kandinsky and Benoit.

6. Abaza Palace

Abaza Palace

The building of the Museum of Western and Oriental Art was built in the 1856-58 years by the project of the architect Otto for Count Abaza. The building is done in the style of "Rococo." Palace Abaza itself is already a museum. Particular attention should be paid the grand staircase, carved from Carrara marble. The entire interior of the palace is decorated with stucco decoration, carvings, bronze. The museum was founded in 1923 on the basis of private collections. In the museum there are paintings by Dutch masters, F. Hals, and the Florentine painter of the sixteenth century. F. Granachchi, porcelain of the XVIII-XX centuries, sculptures and ceramics from Asia, India and China, including woodcut of the known artist Hokusai K.

7. Athos compound

St Panteleymon Monastery

Athos compound (in St. Panteleimon Monastery) was built by the monks at the Mount Athos. Its main goal for many years was to help in the pilgrimage, meeting and sending of those who travel to this place of worship. The monastery has five domes and painted in the stucco architecture implemented in different architectural styles mixed in the XIX century and has an unusual inside structure.

8. Archaeological Museum

Archaeological Museum

The Archaeological Museum was founded by Blaramberg the II in the 18th century with the support of the Odessa Society of History and Antiquities. The museum collection consists of more than 150 thousand items, which are the monuments of history and culture of the Northern Black Sea, Ancient Greece and Rome. Also the exhibition presents the Egyptian Antiquities (sarcophagi, mummies and jewelry, etc.), here are also presented items from precious metals, some are dated 2000 BC.

9. Numismatic Museum

Numismatic Museum

Ukraine's first specialized numismatic museum appeared in the Odessa City Collectors Society. Collection of artifacts includes more than 2.5 thousand coins. In the museum you can observe the history of coinage and money circulation in Ukraine from ancient times to the period of it being an independent state. Also here are samples of ancient ceramics.

10. Odessa Port

Odessa Port

Odessa Port is one of the largest in Europe. In 1968 it has been completely renovated. Around the marina there are many original monuments: the statue of E. Unknown "Golden Child", the sculpture "Sailors wife", the Church of St. Nicholas and the port with its infrastructure.

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