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Lviv Town Hall

Town Hall in Lviv. UkraineLviv Town Hall is the administrative building in the central part of Lviv.
The first town hall in Lviv was made of wood and burned in the late XIV century.

The new tower was founded in 1827 and was built in 1830-1835 in the style of Viennese classicism. The authors of the project are the architects Y. Markley, F. Thresher (or Treter), A. Vondrashek. The Town Hall is made of brick, four-story, square in plan, with patio. Above the town hall there raises the clock tower (made on the factory of V. Stil near Vienna).

Town Hall is the witness of the many historical events. In the Middle Ages there was a pillar of punishment in front of it. In 1564 he was executed the Moldavia monarch Tomsha, and in 1578 - the leader of the Cossack and peasant uprising Ivan Podkova.

In 1848, during the revolutionary events in Lviv the city center was under fire by the Austrian artillery and the Town Hall was badly damaged, its original tower collapsed. In 1851 the building was repaired, the dome was replaced to the toothed one, as in the medieval towers. In 1852 on the tower there was set a new clock. Since 1939 the building is the location place for the Lviv City Council.

The entrance to the Town Hall is free, on its tower there is situated the paid observation deck, which overlooks the city.


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