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Granite quarry in Trigorye village

Zhitomir region has a secret spot that has not become too popular among tourists yet. It has everything you could ever imagine: picturesque river banks covered in pine forest with several perfect spots for pitching a tent, tall granite rocks that nag above the water at the height of 10 meters, and a large and deep lake that is up to 90 meters deep and has remarkably clear water. This place is the best destination for people who want to have a peaceful rest and not argue with other tourists for a rest area or wait until it’s your turn to use the climbing wall. You can even jump off a 10-meter cliff and not be afraid of hitting the bottom of the lake.

Granite quarry in Trigorye village

This place is the granite quarry, and it is loved by people with various recreational preferences: both fans of calm and peaceful outdoor rest and mountain climbers and divers like to travel there.

Divers are particularly interested in the deep and clear lake. Of course, like many of such places, the lake has its own legend. Locals tell that while quarrying, a group of workers went to the city for weekend. When they came back, all they could see was a mirror-like lake instead of a deep quarry.

Trigorye granite quarry

You can get to the quarry in the following way: drive from the dam to Trigorye village, then pass the village and drive along the backwater through the embankment. Then you can see a turn to the forest (300 meters to the gates). Travel 500 meters more, and the next turn left is where you need to drive. In 300 meters you will see the quarry.

Address: Zhitomir region, Trigorye village, 4 kilometers to Novaya Rudnya village.


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