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The celebration of the Holy Trinity in Ukraine

Trinity in UkraineTrinity - Sunday, the 50th day after Easter, the holiday in honor of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The Bible says that on this day the apostles found grace of the Holy Spirit.

In Ukraine, the Holy Trinity is celebrated for three days. The first day is the Green Sunday, the second - Klechalny Monday and the third – Bohodukhiv (God-and-Spirit) day.

On the Green Sunday one should be especially careful, because this is the day when mermaids, mavky, poterchi and other evil spirits are most aggressive. On Green Sunday girls are used to tell fortune by wreaths. To do this one should go to the pond and let the wreaths in the water, and if they get together, the girl will get married this year. On Green Sunday one should go to the cemetery and remember deceased relatives, left them some food. After that, there are held numerous festivities with skomorokhs (clowns) and maskers.

On Klechalny Monday after the church service the fields are sanctified for the Lord to protect them from hail and fire. Children arrange interesting games.
Temple in UkraineThird, Bohodukhiv day is the most popular among girls who arrange interesting fun, for example, “Vodit’ Topolyu” (Lead Poplar). The purpose of the game is to choose the most beautiful girl among the group of girls, which serves as topolya (poplar). Then this beauty is decorated with wreathes not anybody to recognize. Together with a cheerful crowd, Topol goes from house to house, and the owner of each house, in which she enters, should generously reward. Also on this day the wells are consecrated.

Trinity is a very nice holiday. Houses and temples are decorated with branches, grass, flowers. And it is no accident. Herbs, flowers symbolize life. So people express joy and gratitude to God for the thing that he revived them through christening into a new life.

Historically, for the decoration of temples and houses are used birch branches. Birch became a symbol of the holiday, probably because it is one of the first trees which got “dressed” in the bright elegant greenery. Not accidentally, there was a belief that the birch has the especially strong growth and that this force should be used. Birch branches adorned the windows, houses, courtyards, gates, on the church service people stood with birch branches, believing that they have healing power. In Trinity Sunday birch was destroyed - "buried", one drowned it in water or brought to the bread field, trying thus to beg the higher fertility of the land forces.

To curl birch is the rite of the ancient times. Girls believed that they bind tightly their thoughts with a liking guy.Icon of Holy Trinity. Ukraine

Or, curling birch branches, they wished their mother a speedy recovery.

In the very days birch branches filled with healing powers. Birch leaves portion was also considered to be of healing power. Birch branches were used by our ancestors as for protection against any evil spirits. Until now, farmers in the Vologda region stick birch branches in the grooves of the corner of the house, to the purity and healing Spirit to be conveyed to walls.

Dates of the Holy Trinity for the Eastern tradition:
2010    23 May
2011    12 June
2012    3 June
2013    23 June
2014    8 June
2015    31 May
2016    19 June
2017    4 June
2018    27 May
2019    16 June
2020    7 June
2021    20 June
2022    12 June
2023    4 June
2024    23 June
2025    8 June

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