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Troitsko-Illinsky (Trinity and St. Ilijah) Monastery and Anthony Caves

Troitsko-Illinsky (Trinity and St. Ilijah) Monastery in ChernigovThe Troitsko-Ilyinsky Monastery and the Church of St. Elijah are situated on the Boldiny Hills in Chernigiv.

The Church of St. Elijah is the oldest building of this ensemble. It was erected at the end of the XI century. In the XVIII century, the monastery was reconstructed.

The building that has been preserved up to now looks the same as after the reconstruction.

The construction and interior architecture was made using a lot of the Byzantine style elements (cross-shaped arrangement of the domes) in combination with the elements of wooden architecture.

The original decoration of the church has not been preserved up to now, except the iconostasis that was made in the XVII century in the Baroque style with the Rococo elements.

Troitsko-Illinsky Monastery in Chernigov

In the 1970s, the Church of St. Elijah was reconstructed. It is one of the few shrines that have remained from the times of the Kievan Rus.

Anthony Caves, ChernigovSince 1967, the Church of St. Elijah is part of the Museum and the National Sanctuary "Ancient Chernigiv."

The Anthony Caves of the Troitsko-Illinsky Monastery are a cave monastery of the XI century.

The founders of the shrine are the Prince Svyatoslav Yaroslavich and Anthony Pechersky.

Originally it was called - the Monastery of Virgin Mary.

The monastery was founded in the period of rivalry between the two largest cities of the ancient Rus - Chernigiv and Kiev.

The construction of the monastery lasted till the beginning of the XII century, and then stopped after the Mongol-Tatar attacks.

In the 1550s, on the initiative of the Chernigiv Colonel Podobaylo the monastery was first reconstructed.

Trinity and St. Ilijah Monastery in Chernigov

Today, the Anthony Caves is a complex of underground buildings located Troitsko-Illinsky Monastery in Chernigov, Bell Towerin the Boldiny Hills. The depth of the caves varies from 2 to 12 meters; the length is about 350 meters. The underground structures are located on two tiers.

Some walls of the caves are decorated with the mediaeval inscriptions - graffiti.

The lower tier of caves (the length is approximately 100 meters) has been preserved up to now in the original form, and has never been reconstructed (only the exitway works). There is an underground necropolis - a place where the monk hermits used to live.

The second tier of the complex is the Church of Feodosy Totemsky, an ancient underground church – the Ossuary of Anthony Pechersky and Nicola Sviatosha.

In the XVIII-XIX centuries, the cave complex was modified and the significant part of the ancient churh constructions was destroyed.

Trinity and St. Ilijah Monastery in Chernigov, Ukraine

The monastic cells of Anthony Pechersky have still been one of the major religious places of worship in Ukraine.


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