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Trukhanov Island in Kiev

The Trukhanov island is located on the Dnieper river opposite the city of Kiev. It lies between the main channel and the sleeve of the Dnieper river. It has a total area of 450 hectares.

Trukhanov Island in Kiev

It is connected to the Right bank with a pedestrian bridge. During the times of the Kievan Rus the Trukhanov island hosted the settlement of Olzhichi, which belonged to Princess Olga. There is also a belief that the name of the island comes from the name of khan Tugorkhan. At the end of the 11th century there was a residency that belonged to Tugorkhan’s daughter, who was also the wife of Kiev Prince Svyatopolk.

In 1856 the territory of the island had the first steam mill and the ship repair workshop, that was later called the Trukhanov island.

Truhanov island. View from the bridge

In 1880s there was even more construction going on: the 1st and the 2nd Dnieper Shipping Association, the “Hermitage” park and the yacht club. In 1895 the island was first connected to the telephone line.

People started inhabiting the island in 1907. Until then it was only inhabited by 130 workers that serviced the shipyard. By 1930s the population of the island accounted for 4000 people. There was even a church of Saint Elizabeth constructed, as well as the streets and the market square.

The bridge to the island

Since the 1940 the Trukhanov island has been beautifully altered. There were trees and bushes planted and the beaches were built. Also there were water sports clubs, various factories and the sporting communities that offer boats and yachts for rent.

After the World War II Trukhanov island was renewed as the vacation spot.

In 1957 there was a Park bridge built. It linked the island with the mainland. People who came to the island bought milk for 12 kopecks and a poppy seed bagel for 5 kopecks. Also there were fountains with clear water that were located 20 meters far from each other.

Currently there are beaches, water stations, restaurants and hotels on the islands. Also you will find sport clubs and lots of plants. The citizens of Kiev and tourists love Trukhanov island a lot.


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