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Tsetsino Mountain in Chernovtsy

Tsetsino  mountain, which is located in the west end of Chernovtsy, Ukraine, is the highest peak of Chernovtsy Uplands. It is 378 meters tall. During the medieval times Tsetsino Mountain used to host Moldavian fortress.

Tsetsino Mountain in winter

Historians presume that a border fortress was founded there in the XII century by authorities of the Galician principality. It was functioning as a part of the Prut River fortification. Chernovtsy had been owned by Moldavian principality for decades. During these years Moldavian leader Petru I Musat had thoroughly fortified the building.

Tsetsino fortress was mentioned in Old Russian chronicles of 1388-1394. These sources describe the fortress as a Voloshsky city of Chechun. Remains of the fortress were discovered and researched in 1908. Archeologists believe the discovered remains belonged to a watchtower. The building was made of stone and was 20 meters in diameter. The fortress on Tsetsino mountain was destroyed in the late XV century.

The road to the fortress

In 1961 a city TV tower was decided to be built on the mountain top. This is how the remaining traces of an old fortification were completely destroyed. Beech reserve, which occupied 430 hecatres, was planted on the hills. 13 years later, in 1974, Tsetsin landscape park was planted there. Nowadays oaks, hornbeam, sycamore, maple platanoides and other rare species of trees grow in the park. As for fauna of the park, there are deer, foxes, wild boars, squirrels, martens, ermines and weasels in the park.

Tsetsino Mountain in winter

Tourists have always been attracted by the magnificent local nature. Several years ago a skiing complex was founded on the mountain, which means you can go skiing, sledging, or snowboarding there during winter. The slope is around 700 meters long. There are cozy estates and a hotel for you to stay.

Address of Tsetsino mountain: Chernovtsy, west side.


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