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Turkish Well (Turkish Square) in Chernovtsy

Chernovtsy is a city full of wonders. There is a lot of antique sights that are several centuries old, which are entwined with the modern architecture masterpieces. One of these masterpieces is the square of Turkish well. To get to the square you need to pass a beautiful Roman Catholic church and a monument to the first mention of Chernovtsy in the documents, which was created by the famous sculptor Tsereteli. The monument was presented to the city on its 600 anniversary by Yan Tabachnik, who comes from Chernovtsy.

Turkish square

Turkish Square is a living proof of how ethnically diverse Chernovtsy is. There is an unusual well on the square; previously it used to be decorated by a half moon. Apparently, this is where the name of the well comes from. Turks, who used to live there in the XVII century, constructed a clear water reservoir of stone nearby the old wooden well. The thing is Turks have always had great respect for clear water. There used to be a lot of these wells around Bukovina region.

Turkish well in Chernovtsy

In 1793 the old well was completely restore and a gendarmerie post was placed not far from the spot. They had to keep an eye on the well and make sure the water was used only to drink. After that the well was used by orthodox parish to celebrate Epiphany. Water from this reservoir was also used for the Jewish mikvah – the ritual pool, which was located in the same square. Another function the well had was storing water in case of a fire. Turkish Square used to be where the city bathhouses were located, and before Austrians came to the city, fairs were also held in this square.

The place where nowadays is a city road, was used to be a deep trench with a small stream running through it. There was a Turkish bridge above the water. A famous ethnographer and historian Raymond Frederick Kindle wrote a research paper called “The history of Chernovtsy”, where he stated that the stream, which flew into the Jewish trench, used to flow under the Tall bridge, and nearby was a Saint Mary church and an old well that was later called Turkish, while the Turkish Bridge was built only in the XIX century.

Monument to a bike

The Turkish Square reappeared on the map of modern Chernovtsy only in 2008. Its opening was marked by the 600 anniversary of the day the city was founded. Nowadays it looks exquisite with its fountain bowl, the original flower clock, which is located on a slope, openwork pavilions and an unusual monument to a bike.


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