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Ukrainian Stonehenge. Prehistorical sculptures were found in Carpathian Mountains

Ukrainian Stonehenge. Human HeadIn the Precarpathian region (Carpathian Mountains) Ukrainian archeologist found prehistoric sculptures made of rock. Ukrainian scientists consider them to become the rival to the English Stonehenge.

Native archeologist in the end of 2008 year announced about the discovering of Ukrainian Stonehenge. Prehistoric stone sculptures were found near the village Snidavka in the Ivano-Frankovsk region. The archeologists knew about the rare sculptures in the mountains. However any kind of research here was forbidden during the Soviet time because a lot of military objects were located in this area. And when the ban had been canceled there were non money for research. The research was renewed just three years ago. And ten stone rarities were found at once.

Pregnant Woman. Ukrainian StonehengeThe most valuable find is the 14-meter sculpture of a pregnant woman. It is considered to have no alternatives in the world. The other interesting find is a human face made of rock. There are about ten sculptures (total) most of them are looking like human silhouettes or parts of human body. These sculptures can become good basis for the tourism.

The origin of the sculptures is not defined yet but they are already called by scientists “Ukrainian Stonehenge”. The specialists claim that the similar stone creation was found only in Portugal and Ireland before. Some specialists consider that sculptures were made by tripols, the others refer their origin to the far ancient civilizations.

Nicolay Kugutyaka the director of Institute of History and Politology of Precarpathian National University of Vasil Stefanyk says: “such mountains are linked with the ancient routes, the civilizations influences of the North Prichernomorye interlaced here”. Mr. Kugutuaka considers that these sculptures are 5-6 thousand years old. Comparing to the Stonehenge, firths erection of which appeared 4 thousand years ago, Ukrainian find is pretty old. The origin of British Stonehenge still was not defined. Concerning the “Ukrainian Stonehenge” the specialists refer it to the pagan symbols. For the present Ukrainian Stonehenge attracts the interest of scientists but not of the state.

According to the source “Ukrainian Stonehenge” Ukrainian  Stonehengewas shown to the Ukrainian President Viktor Yushenko, who is used to visit Carpathian Mountains. And now archeologists are going to organize the international conference, where the future of the sculptures will be discussed. The specialists are sure that historically-cultural reserve should be built in the Carpathians. So it will change the tourism map not only in Ukraine but also in Eastern Europe.



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