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The Day of Unification (Sobornost) of Ukraine

The Day of Unification of UkraineThe Day of Unification (Sobornost) of Ukraine  is celebrated in accordance with Presidential Decree of 21 January 1999.

In January 1918 there was formed the Ukrainian National Republic (UNR), and on the territories of the Austro-Hungarian Empire there was founded the West-Ukrainian National Republic. In December 1918 the leaders of the two states signed “before uniting” treaty in Fastov. January 22, 1919 this treaty that is known in history as an act of "Zluka” (Unification) - the act of unification of Ukrainian lands, was launched in Kiev on the Sofia Square.

This public holiday symbolizes the unity of Ukrainian lands. And although the state failed to preserve the unity and independence at that time, the Act "Zluka" was the real embodiment of the age-old dream of the Ukrainians on their own sovereign State.

Ukraine did not stay united for a long time: heavy economic and military situation, the mutual distrust of politicians led to disaster. A few months after the The Day of Unification. Ukraineproclamation of the Reunification Bolsheviks seized Kiev, Eastern Galicia was occupied by Poles, and Zakarpattya – by Czechoslovakia.

And although the Act "Zluka" 1919 was declarative, the idea of unification has continued to live. And on Jan. 22, 1990, the millions of Soviet Ukrainians formed a human chain from Kiev to Lviv, celebrating the Day of Unification.

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