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The building of Verkhovna Rada in Ukraine

The building occupied by Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine is one of the best example of Soviet architecture. The central part of the building is a octagonal session hall, covered with a hemispherical glass dome. This is exactly where Ukraine declared its independence in 1991. Nowadays the building of Verkhovna Rada is a political centre of the country, and during the sessions there are meetings in the square in front of it.

Verkhovna Rada in Ukraine

The architecture of the building is common for those times with its classic forms and techniques. You can easily tell it’s a classic Ukrainian building by the light colors and landscape. The building was designed in a strict rectangular symmetric form and is not really tall with only three floors. The building is topped with a dome made of glass and metal, which gives the session hall a lot of natural light. Compositional harmony is achieved with a flat roof.

The dome of the buildingArchitecture of the main entrance hall, which is connected to the stairs with light couloirs, is quite plain. Near-wall columns are made of marble, which improves the look of the hall. Every piece of interior, including the door knobs, is designed in agreement with the overall interior. Furniture, lampshades, and chandeliers have also been produced specifically for this purpose.

The main entrance hall and the foyer have been decorated with a technique of a harmonious combination of monumental art and architecture. The most artistically valuable piece of decoration is the “Ukraine in bloom” composition, which has been painted on the lampshade by artists from St. Petersburg. This lampshade hangs above the grand staircase in the central part of the ceiling. It looks like extended interior space.

Session hall of Verkhovna Rada

A major part in the interior of the building is played by Ukrainian national art motives, which are displayed in paintings, molded details, inlaid woodwork, and decoration.

On the ground floor there is a new conference room, which has been created there after the old movie hall, which used to be here in 1998-1999, was reconstructed. In the centre of the hall there is a large round table, and a few small tables stand by the walls. Along the end wall there are seats for media and guests. Tables are equipped with all necessary translating devices. The front wall has a large TV screen, which stands on a moving platform. There are also smaller screens on the side walls. The hall is illuminated by three large crystal chandeliers.

Address of the Verkhovna Rada: Kiev, Grushevskogo street, 5.


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