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Vorontsov Palace in Odessa

Vorontsov PalaceVorontsov Palace, located in Odessa on the Primorsky Boulevard, is the monument of architecture of the early XIX century. It was built on the edge of the seaside hill, on the place of the former Turkish fortress Hadzhibey in 1827 by architect F.K. Baffo in the Empire style. The palace has always attracted the attention of residents and visitors of the city. In 1837 it was visited by the famous poet V. A. Zhukovsky, who admired the beauty of the building and the rich library, which was later donated to the University of Odessa, where it is located for today under the name of “Vorontsov Fund”.

Vorontsov Palace is located on the edge of the earth cliff. The ornament and decoration of the palace are not worse than of the palaces of Italy at that time. Just after the construction the building was surrounded with the garden and greenhouses. The stables, located opposite the main entrance, were adjacent to the main building and there was attached a large wing at right angle to the building, which has been preserved to this day. Also, the eyes of modern tourist can not miss the Vorontsov fountain and iron grating that surrounded the garden and which in 50 years of XX century was sent for scrap metal.

In the XIX century, during the Crimean war, Vorontsov Palace was badly damaged: the ships of the Anglo-French squadron fired on it. When Count Vorontsov was informed about the bombing of the city, he pointed to hide rare books from its library, the main treasures of the palace.
During the Civil War the interior of the palace suffered greatly: there was Vorontsov Palace. Odessathe headquarters of the Red Guards, there were always held the meetings, and demonstrations and rallies were held on its territory.
At the beginning of XX century there was located the chess club in the Vorontsov Palace, in 1936 there was opened the Palace of Pioneers. When the Pioneer organization collapsed, the Palace was handed over to officials.


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