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Vvedensky Monastery in Kiev

Once the construction of the St. Vvedensky Monastery in Kiev was finished, the monastery was consecrated in 1878. The church domes have already been painted. A beautiful iconostasis, which was created by an artist from St. Petersburg called V. Peshekhonov, was placed in the church.

Vvedensky Monastery in Kiev

In 1878 the body of the founder of Vvedenskaya community M. Egorova was brought here. A year later another church was constructed nearby – a church named after Holy Great Martyr Demetrius of Thessalonica. The next decade was marked by improving the territory of Vvedenskaya community. New buildings and a new bell tower were constructed. Gradually the monastery community became better equipped. A hotel and a hospice for old ladies of any kind of descent were also built. Since 1901 Vvedenskaya community received the status of a coenobitic female monastery. A female parochial school was opened; in 1917 it was given to Kiev state community administration.

Another view on the monastery

As soon as communists came to power, any kind of religious valuables were forbidden. Kiev churches and cathedrals were shut down. 67 of Kiev religious communities stopped functioning, and Vvedensky monastery was among them. Next time it was opened only 1941 due to the war that spread among Europe and Asia and caused people to need something to maintain their spirit and faith. Monastery nuns were told to take care of the military hospital, as well as clean the clothes of the military and pack food for the army. However, in 1966 the Vvedensky monastery was shut down once again, and a local hospital was opened there instead.

The inside of the monastery

The revival year for the Vvedensky monastery was 1992, when the community started functioning again. This community was led by abbot Damian. Regular church service was started simultaneously with reconstruction and renovation process. The original art pieces from the XIX century were reconstructed from the remaining elements. Those pieces that could not be reconstructed, were painted by artists.

From November of 1996, according to the order by the Synod of the UOC, this place was opened as a St. Vvedensky monastery. Father Damian, who was elevated to the rank of Archimandrite by the time, was elected rector.

Nowadays valuable Christian shrines are stored at the monastery. Thousands of pilgrims come to the monastery to worship the relics of Mother Dimitra and the miraculous icon of the Mother of God "Look down at the humbleness."

Address of Vvedensky Monastery: Moskovskaya street, 42.


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