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Wall-House in Odessa

Wall HouseArchitectural structure with the name of “wall-house” is a unique building. At first glance one can think that this is the most common dwelling house, but from one side it looks entirely different. There is a visual illusion: it seems that the house is completely flat and only one wall remains. In fact, the back wall of the building is adjacent to the front: the house is of a triangular shape.

There are several wall-houses in Odessa. Their address: Vera Inber Street, 12, Liderovsky boulevard, 21, Stepovaya Street, 21, Vera Kholodnaya Street, 3, Bohdan Khmelnitsky Street, 96, Mechnikov Street, 90, and the most famous one is at Vorontsov Lane, 4.

During the visit to Odessa and attending the major attractions of the city - Primorsky Boulevard, Vorontsov Palace and the Potemkin Stairs, do not be too Wall House in Odessalazy to look into Vorontsov lane, where at the time there took place the shooting of the famous movie “D'Artagnan and Three Musketeers". And although there is nothing particularly interesting to be seen, you will still have a great opportunity to look at a unique wall-home. The presence of roomers in the house is determined by the curtains on the windows, flower pots on window sills and air conditioning.

The famous attraction, also known as the “Witch House” or “House of one wall” is the part of the route of walking tour of the city and had periodically been restored. Now the architectural monument, which is more than 150 years, is literally falling apart into small pieces. The city Wall House. Odessaofficials are constantly promising that the house will be renovated and repaired, but there is nothing except for promises. The residents of the unique house are forced to make repairs on their own funds, but there is not enough money for the refinement of the facade. Therefore, the house-wall now looks as follows: gray, dilapidated, facade, falling apart piece by piece, tiled, with broken beautiful flower beds and beautiful lanterns.


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