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Water tower in Zhitomir

The water tower of XIX century is one of the most famous attractions in Zhitomir. It was constructed more than a century ago, at the same time when the first plumbing system was implemented in the city. The tower, which is rising gracefully above the city, reminds everyone that it was the plumbing system that made Zhitomir look the way it does now.

Water tower in Zhitomir

At the moment the tower no longer functioning as the part of city plumbing system, but nevertheless, this modern-Gothic building is a true symbol of the Old City. The water tower is an architectural monument of city importance.

The plaque at the wall of the tower

The tower in Pushkinskaya street was solemnly commissioned on December 27, 1898. This openwork, attractive construction, built by local architects Arnold Yenshem and Mechislav Librovich, rises to the height of 31 meters. The upper part of the tower is supported by four massive corner counterforts and six intermediate counterforts. Here, on the height of 21 meters, there are two metal storage tanks. The capacity of each tank is one hundred cubic meter. In the late XIX-early XX centuries the water tower had an essential function in Zhitomir: it collected water, regulated its pressure and served as a fire tower. On the roof of the tower there was another small part – a booth with the surrounding area. This place was always occupied by a fireman who kept an eye on the city and could instantly spot a fire. As soon as the power started, the fireman turned on a powerful searchlight that was powered by the pumping power plant. The light warned the citizens about the fire and urged them not to use their running water for a while so that the pressure in the tower was preserved.

The upper part of the tower

Since the tower was constructed on an elevation, its actual height was 40 meters. The tower was also used as a lighthouse. During the World War II enemies occupied the tower and used it for aircraft defense.

In 1965 Zhitomir plumbing system was majorly renovated, and the tower lost its original functions. Later it was restored according to a project by A. Pasechnik, and in a few years the tower changed its purpose and became a café.

Address of the water tower: Zhitomir, Pushkinskaya street, 24.


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