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Wax museum in Kiev

Few people are likely to meet celebrities from other countries face to face, especially when the celebrity has been dead for years. Kiev artists provided their own solution for this problem by creating a wax museum.

Wax figures of famous historical personalities

Kiev wax museum is located in a basement-like space. The exhibition occupies 5 halls. During the excursion tourists are guided by a specialist who knows a dozen of fascinating facts about every exhibit in the museum.

The first hall is filled with wax figures that depict famous historic personalities, soviet movie characters and well-known writers. Here you can see Trus, Balbes and Byvaly, pronya Prokopovna and Gololhvastov, Ostap Bender and many others.

Wax figures of famous soviet actors

The second hall features such characters as Andrei Mironov, Yevgeny Leonov, Anatoly Papanov, Valery Leontiev, Andrei Makarevich, Raymond Pauls, Gurchenko, Tsoi, Talkov and Vysotsky. The rumor is that the figure of Valery Leontiev is wearing a genuine stage costume that belonged to the singer.

The third hall of the Kiev wax museum is filled with figures of famous Ukrainian sportsmen who made a great contribution to the development of sport in Ukraine. The most realistically looking are the figures of Andrey Shevchenko, Oleh Blokhin and Valery Lobanovsky. Also there is a figure of the railway conductor Verka Serduchka – a comedy character created by Andrei Danilko.

Wax figure of Alexander Pushkin

If you wonder what the most famous historical figures really looked like, visit the fourth hall of the museum. Here you will find the figures of princes, princesses, hetmans and legendary politicians. Stumpy-looking Taras Shevchenko and intelligent Mikhail Grushevsky are watching the visitors as though they’re ready to say something. There are also some contemporary political figures exhibited, such as Viktor Yanukovich, Julia Tymoshenko and Viktor Yuschenko.

One figure takes about a year to be created and costs around $25000. All exhibits in the museum belong to a private owner. A lot of pieces of clothing seen on the figures are given by celebrities as a gift.

Don’t forget to pay a visit to the wax museum during your next trip to Kiev. And remember to take your camera with you – you will have the unique chance to take a picture with Britney Spears or Arnold Schwarzenegger (the fee for this service is 20 UAH).

Address of the wax museum in Kiev: Pobedy street, 29.


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