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Where to have rest near Kiev

As soon as the temperature rises, Kiev citizens start planning their first weekends out of the big and noisy city. They are looking for places close to Kiev. If you try searching for “Kiev rest out of town” or “Kiev country rest” on the internet, you will be overwhelmed with dozens of various offers, which is why we tried and combined everything you need to know about having rest near Kiev. Every destination we’ll tell you about will have something that will suit you the most.

Vacation at rest camps

If you plan going out of Kiev for a weekend, you’d better start preparing in advance. One of the most suitable options is a country complex. Getting there won’t take you too long, and you don’t need to have a long vacation – a weekend will be refreshing enough. You also don’t need to take care of any accommodation issues. These country complexes are often equipped with children’s playgrounds, which is very convenient for families that travel with kids. You can also go horseback riding, kart racing, ride quads or bikes, play tennis or paintball, etc.

Rest near Kiev

Not far from Kiev there is an area that has become quite popular among the capital elite – Koncha-Zaspa. This place has a few sanatoriums that offer you a decent level of comfort. For example, Zhovten sanatorium has everything you might need for a comfortable rest: a TV set, a fridge and a bathroom. The meals are far from being exquisite, but taste good anyway. You can receive the necessary medical treatment there. The air is much clearer than in the city, and also there is a neat, beautiful park and forest zone. As for accommodations, there are modern cottages and rooms of different level of comfort. You can access the surrounding territory, a pool, saunas, the BBQ spot, an arbor and a parking lot at Yaryna recreational centre. As you can see, you can have rest in Koncha-Zaspa without having to spend a fortune. The DPA tourism complex and guesthouses in Kozyn village you can stay either in wooden summer houses or small housings; both have the minimum level of comfort with bathrooms, a kitchen, a dining hall, and hot running water.

Zhovten sanatorium

Osokorky also has a few recreation spots, and you should know that while nature here is as marvelous as in Koncha-Zaspa, vacation there will cost you less. You can choose from the Ministry of Economics, Metallist, Arsenalets recreation bases, or private houses that are rentd from spring till autumn.

In 15 to 20 kilometers from Kiev there is another popular tourist destination – Puscha-Voditsa village. In 2008 a new hotel complex Puscha-Lesnaya was opened there, and even though prices are higher than the average, the level of service is more than decent. The hotel has its own clean beach, a lake and a pine forest.

Boryspil district is also an attractive travel destination. It is located in 10 kilometers from Kiev, and you can stay either in Edam tourist base in Chubinskoye village, or in Mountain Stream hotel in Gora village.

Puscha-Lesnaya hotel complex

Villages of Brovary village (Letki, Zazimye, Knyazhichi and Pukhovka) have dozens of recreational options for any budget: you can choose anything from luxurious hotels to minimalistic wooden cottages.

Kiev citizens also love Grebenki, Poradovka and Zdorovka villages of Vasylkiv district for their picturesque meadows, green forests and clear lakes. Besides, a rest in these villages is available at reasonable prices.

Vyshgorod district (Kiev Sea and Desna river) has the following recreational bases: Zolotoy Ruchey, Arsenalets, Voskhod, Dzhereltse, Chaika, Yubileynaya, Lesnaya, and Razdollya.

Boguslav district can offer you the following recreational bases: Solnechny bor and Dzherela in Dybentsy and Usadba Atamana in Guta.

Camping in Kiev

Camping sites that are located closest to Kiev include Osokorky (Dnieper and a few lakes), Koncha-Zaspa (Kozynka river), Puscha-Voditsa (lakes), Vyshgorod and Borvary districts on Desna river, the right bank of Kiev Sea, Irpen river, Irpen lakes, Vorzel and Bucha.

Not far from Kiev near Zhornovka village of Kiev-Svyatoshin district there is a meadow on the bank of Irpen. This place is not overcrowded; people come here to have rest in tents, cook BBQ and swim in the river.

Goloseevsky forest

You can also go to Goloseevsky forest. It is located in Kiev, but the local nature makes you forget about the life of the big city. On the left bank of Dnieper there is also plenty or recreational areas. For example, you can come to Darnitsky forestry to have rest in tents or use special areas with handmade furniture. Also you can travel to Lesnoe or Almaznoe villages in Pogreby village.

The territory of the right bank of Kiev Sea is a perfect destination for fans of beautiful landscapes. Rovshy village has clean meadows surrounded by a forest. Along the bank of the reservoir there are Lebedivka, Rybstan and Oseschina villages for you to stay in.

Another popular travel destination is a couple of villages in Vyshgorod district: Novosyolki, Vyscha Dubechnya, and Oyrnovo. The picturesque hills of Vyshgorod are exactly what you need for a nice picnic. Recreational areas of Bila Tserkva and Boguslav districts are Rakitnoe, Dybentsy and Moskalenkov villages.

Houses for rent

If you’re looking for a house near Kiev to rent it for weekend, you’ll be surprised by the number of offers. These houses often have a decent accommodation level with all necessary equipment. The level of comfort, however, depends on your budget: you can rent either a single one-storeyed house or a two-storeyed luxurious cottage with an outside pool.

Houses in Puscha-Voditsa

Where should you go then? Destinations that are the closest to Kiev are Osokorki, Puscha-Voditsa, and Koncha-Zaspa. You can also rent a house of any size and level of comfort in Vyshgorod and Brovary districts on the bank of Desna or on the right bank of Kiev Sea not far from Bucha, Irpen, and Vorzel. If a small summer house is what you’re looking for, you can go to Vishenki in Brovary district. This place is not full of tourists, which means you will be safe from the noisy neighbors. The most popular destinations in Vyshgorod district are Glebovka, Novosyolki, Vyscha Dubechnya, Pyrnovo and Khotyanovka villages. There are a lot of hotel and restaurant complexes, housings and houses for rent.

You can easily find accommodation in Voropayevka of Ivankovsky district, and it’s going to be a vacation you’ll remember for a long time.

If you’re fine with traveling some extra miles, in 100 kilometers from Kiev you can stay in Boguslav, Bila Tserkva, and Korsun-Shevchenkivsky ditricts. These areas mostly offer small wooden summer houses for rent.

You can easily find affordable accommodation in Voropayevka (Ivankovsky district), and you will enjoy your rest there for sure.

In 100 kilometers from Kiev you will end up in villages of Boguslav, Bila Tserkva and Korsun-Shevchenkivsky districts. There are a lot of wooden summer houses to choose from.

Hunting and fishing

Nowadays you don’t have to go into the wild to enjoy fishing or hunting. Owners of houses, recreation bases and farmlands are always welcoming tourists. For example, you can stay at Ozero farm in Korosten direction, Kletnya village. There you can go fishing on a 6-hectare lake. Fishing is possible all year round at recreation and fishing base Cuba in Vyshgorod district, Sukholuchye village.

Cuba recreation and fishing base

Liman fishing base is located in the same district. In Fastov district there is Rybatsky Cordon fishery and Rybatskoye Schastye camp. Vasylkiv district has two fisheries, Grebenki and Julia. In Kiev-Svyatoshin district you can go fishing in hatchery lakes cascade in the outskirts of Zabirye village (Zabirye fishery). Also you can go to Krasnaya Slobidka-Hermanivka village in Obukhov district, Velyki Pritsky in Kagarlyksky district, Kozintsy in Borodyansky district Kiylove in Boryspil district, and Paryshkov village in Baryshevskii district.

As for hunting near Kiev, you can always go to forests and fields of Makarovsky, Kiev-Svyatoshin and Desnyansky districts to hunt hares, wild boars and foxes. You can also go and hunt migrating fucks in Gusintsy of Boryspil district.

Beaches near Kiev

One of the most well-known lakes in Kiev region is Ministerskoe lake. Its main advantage is its location in the city. The lake has a sandy, well-equipped beach. In Puscha-Voditsa there are also a few attractive lakes with clean beaches, including Goraschikha, UTOG, City pond. In Kagarlytsky district you can choose from Khoma and Grazhdanskaya Kazarka lakes. Local beaches are naturally created, and thanks to gently sloping sandy shores your rest there will be exceptionally comfortable. Well-equipped and clean beaches can be also found near Pogreby and Podgortsy (Kodak and Goluboye lakes), Gorenki of Kiev-Svyatoshin district, and at the banks of Lesnoye, Kruglyk and Khalepye lakes.

Rest near water

Destinations are virtually the same: Osokorky, Koncha-Zaspa, Pushcha-Voditsa; Vyshgorodskiy, Brovarskyi Goloseevskij, Belotserkovskii, Boguslavskiy and Ivanovsky districts. The main rivers are Dnieper, Desna, Ros, Teterev, Kozynka and Irpen. Of course, there are also dozens of lakes. Not far from water there are numerous recreation bases, cottages and houses for rent, housings, sanatoriums and camping sites. Owners of property usually offer boats catamarans, scooters, water skis, yachts and even motor ships for rent.

Yachting near Kiev

If you’re thinking about yachting when you hear “rest near water in Kiev” or “rest at Dnieper in Kiev”, then owners of small ships will gladly offer you this service. You can go yachting in Kiev Sea, Vyshgorod or along the Dnieper. You can rent a boat for as long as you like, just keep in mind that on weekends and holidays boats are in high demand, so better book in advance.

Have a nice rest!

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