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April Fool's Day in Odessa. 1st of April The Day of Humor in Odessa

The 1st of April (April Fool's Day)– this day doesn’t belong to any holiday oOdessa Yumorinar significant date but one can refer it to the international one because of its popularity in Russia, Ukraine, Germany, England, France, on the Scandinavian peninsula and even in the East. In some countries this day is called the Day of Humor, in the others – the April Fool’s Day. Everyone tries to crack a joke or to make laugh at somebody on this day; nobody is insured against jokes and even the most serious person smile.

How does one celebrate the Fool's Day in Ukraine? The 1st of April became the official holiday only in Odessa, the motherland of famous humorists, the city that became the inexhaustible source of jokes. The Day of Humor is accompanied with carnival, different performances, jokes and tricks. Odessa is the sole city of Ukraine where the day of humor has become a holiday of a great carnival. This festival is also called Yumorina.

Yumorina Odessa

And if it’s raining on this day, open the umbrella carefully because “unexpectedly and who knows from where” you can be showered with confetti. Or all watches in the house can be wound an hour back or there might be salt instead of sugar or vice versa. And don’t even try to buy a brand new product you’ve never heard about.

Odessa has celebrated the April Fool's Day for 36 times. The assistant of the city head Tatiana Fidirko is satisfied with the celebration in 2009. What one can say when watching such a great number of smiling people? There’re no bad holidays in Odessa. The Fool's Day is one of the funniest and favorites celebrations. In the 1st of April people from all cities of Ukraine come visit Yumorina in Odessa. Everyone wants communications, smiles and affectionate. Odessa celebrates the Day of Humor very successful again.

The first Day of Humor in Odessa was held in 1973. It was organized by the KVN-team. The open air festival of jokes was of so success that in the next year the feuilleton writers of the local newspapers took part in it. In 1976 emerged the tradition to drive down the Potyomkinskaya stairs. People used skies, sledges, boards and even the car “Zaporozhets”.

In the same year the extent of the holiday scared the local government which inYumorina Odessa 2009 result prohibits the celebration but nevertheless the humor competitions were organized in institutes. The holiday regenerated in 1987 but was not of the former scale. The April Fool's Day renewed completely only in 1996. In Odessa Presumably more than 70% of people are going to trick about their friends. So be careful, gather all your sense of humor, fresh jokes and don’t get offend when being tricked about. Have fun because laughter makes your life longer.

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