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Zaporizhian Sich at Khortytsia

Zaporizhian Sich at KhortytsiaKhortytsia Island in Zaporozhye is the largest island on the Dnieper River, it refers to the seven wonders of Ukraine and is a historical monument of the country. The center of the Ukrainian Cossacks, Zaporizhian Sich, was located here in the XVI-XVII centuries.

Khortytsia Island is a Ukrainian National Reserve; there are the Zaporozhye Oak, memorial and tourist complex "Scythian Camp" and the historical museum “Zaporizhian Sich”, dedicated to Ukrainian Cossacks.

The construction of historical and cultural complex “Zaporizhian Sich” in the northern part of the Khortytsia Island began in 2005. The construction works were planned to be finished 2007. Due to the efforts of the workers of the reserve and builders, the complex includes houses, various outbuildings and a church. To recreate the atmosphere of XVI-XVII centuries and living conditions of the Cossacks more accurate, all the buildings were surrounded with the high fence that protected the people who lived in the Sich from enemy attack.
The results of the titanic efforts of the workers of the National Reserve Khortytsia and builders surpassed the National Reserve Khortytsiaboldest expectations. The complex “Zaporizhian Sich” perfectly reflects the life and culture of the Ukrainian Cossacks. In 2007, there were filmed the episodes of the famous movie "Taras Bulba" in this historical-cultural reserve. The movie tells the story of a simple Cossack family. For filming in the crowd scenes there were invited ordinary residents of the city, which appeared on the big screen at certain moments the picture.

Not far from the museum “Zaporizhian Sich” there are a few unique monuments, which are included in the excursion program across the island. These are the ancient sanctuary, made in the form of huge stone circles on the ground. Our ancestors believed these places sacred and prayed to the gods here.

After the erection of historical-cultural complex “Zaporizhian Sich”, the Zaporozhye city administration has raised the question of the inclusion of the open-air museum in the guided tour, which will be offered to guests of the country within the Euro-2012. They motivate this by the fact that Zaporizka Sich de l'île Khortytsiathe site is unique not only culturally, but from a historical perspective the technology of its construction is also unique. According to Internet voting, held on the territory of Ukraine, which was attended by 77 000 people, the National Reserve on the island of Khortytsia to be included in the list of the Seven Wonders of Ukraine


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