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Zaporozhye oak

Zaporozhye oakZaporozhye Oak, whose age reaches 700 years, is located in the village of Upper Khortytsya. According to legend, it was under this oak that Cossacks wrote the world-famous letter to the Turkish sultan. The oak-tree is the oldest and largest in the city: the diameter of its crown - 64 meters, height - 36 meters, trunk diameter - 6,3 meter. For the full circumference of the barrel to six adults who will be able to do it, just holding hands.

Zaporozhye oak has always been a pilgrimage for millions of people around the world. Hungarians, Croats, Serbs, Aramaic, polovtsy and many other nations choose their place of settlement area near the tree. Legend has it that the German fascist invaders wanted to take Zaporozhye oak to Germany during World War II as a symbol of might of the country, its rulers and warriors.

Zaporozhye oak for the Ukrainian people have always been much more than just wood. And it is not only due to its historical value. According to one legend, the oak has wonderful healing powers. One has only to touch it and think about their illness or problems like all the trouble that an hour will disappear, the disease retreated and the family there will be peace and prosperity.

More recently, Zaporozhye oak began to dry up. On its surface there traces of some stem pests, numerous cracks and fungus. All these factors Oak-tree in Zaporozhyelead to increased fragility of the tree, so the dry branches props posts. Zaporozhye scientists believe that these processes have begun to develop, or because of the rise of groundwater, or because of the age of the tree. On the oak still has a few live branches around the tree is surrounded by a strong chain.

Zaporozhye oak has always been a favorite of the Ukrainian people. It is a symbol of Zaporozhye and historic monument of the country.

It is also interesting to know that the oldest oak in Ukraine is located in Rivne region.


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