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Best articles about Ukraine. Interesting articles and travel reviews for people who want to travel to Ukraine or to know more about this country. Read about Ukraine and travel with us.

  1. Guta skiing resort

    Guta skiing resort

    Geographical position Guta village is loacted in Bogorodchany district of Ivano-Frankovsk region. The 2011 census revealed that the population of the village in 738 people. The village is located not far from Drut, a mountain river. In 500 meters from

    Tags:  Green Tourism  Nature 
  2. The most mysterious dungeons of Ukraine

    The most mysterious dungeons of Ukraine

    Ukraine has lots of fascinating locations that fascinate travelers and adventurers. Do you think you’re an experienced in extreme tourism? Then you need to see Ukrainian underground wonders. Huge tunnels that are several kilometers long can

  3. Beaches near Kiev

    Beaches near Kiev

    As the temperature in Kiev rises, citizens start thinking about where to lie in the sun and have a swim. So, where can you find the nearest pond and a clean beach? Well, Kiev citizens are lucky: first of all, Kiev is located on the Dnieper river, and

    Tags:  Green Tourism  Nature 
  4. Outdoor rest near Kiev

    Outdoor rest near Kiev

    As soon as spring comes, Kiev internet forums are always filled with questions like “Where should I go for a picnic near Kiev?” or “What is the best place to go camping?”. If you ask something like that, you will receive dozens of

    Tags:  Green Tourism  Nature 
  5. Where to have rest near Kiev

    Where to have rest near Kiev

    As soon as the temperature rises, Kiev citizens start planning their first weekends out of the big and noisy city. They are looking for places close to Kiev. If you try searching for “Kiev rest out of town” or “Kiev country rest”

    Tags:  Green Tourism  Nature 
  6. Filippov’s mansion in Zhitomir

    Filippov’s mansion in Zhitomir

    Zhitomir has a lot of buildings from earlier centuries that are famous not only in Ukraine, but also throughout the world. Since the city was badly damaged during the World War II, only a few architectural monuments managed to survive until nowadays, and

  7. Water tower in Zhitomir

    Water tower in Zhitomir

    The water tower of XIX century is one of the most famous attractions in Zhitomir. It was constructed more than a century ago, at the same time when the first plumbing system was implemented in the city. The tower, which is rising gracefully above the

  8. Monument of Eternal Glory in Zhitomir

    Monument of Eternal Glory in Zhitomir

    The Monument of Eternal Glory, which is located in Zhitomir, in Chernyakhovsky street, was installed there in 1979 to commemorate soldiers, underground fighters and partisans that fought for the independence of Soviet Ukraine. Groups of partisans,

    Tags:  Monuments  Sightseeing 
  9. The Tall Stone quarry

    The Tall Stone quarry

    Zhitomir region is famous, among other things, for granite that comes from quarries. Nowadays there are over 80 granite quarries throughout the region, which is why, whenever you travel around the villages, it seems like at least half of the regional

    Tags:  Green Tourism  Nature 
  10. Fire tower in Zhitomir

    Fire tower in Zhitomir

    Zhitomir was founded in 884 and is located to the west from Kiev. It is one of the oldest cities in Ukraine. Zhitomir has been part of several different states throughout the years of its existence. Originally Zhitomir was part of Kievan Rus, and