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Pidkova Hotel in Rivne

Travel | Hotels | Pidkova Hotel
Address: Ukraine, Rivne region, Rivne, Ivan Pidkova street, 17a
Phone number: +38(0362) 453 453; +38(067) 22 444 77

Hotel — pride of our building. Creating hotel, we first of all thought of that it was comfortable, cozy, convenient, interesting to all guests and inexpensive to live in Pidkova hotel.

Hotel Pidkova

The hotel is issued on author's design. Each floor is decorated in different style: Ukrainian, east and European. Despite a small number of rooms (17 numbers), hotel it is equipped with the hydraulic lift with low noise level that provides not only convenient movement by hotel, but also silence and rest of our guests.

Pidkova hotel roomsIn each number there are built-in mini-safes, minibars, conditioners, telecommunication. Service of the free Internet and in addition — high-speed, at additional expense is provided.

The convenient system of access to numbers is carried out thanks to electronic locks with a plastic key card which it is not obligatory to hand over to the manager. So it is possible to forget about naturals inconvenient brelok.
Room in Pidkova Hotel
Except mini-safes in numbers, the safe — for things of the bigger size and a storage room — for oversized luggage. The hotel renders service of a free parking. There is a night parking.

The close arrangement of a restaurant zone allows to render services of rum-service and an early breakfast. Checkout time — 12:00.


Pidkova restaurantThe restaurant of the entertaining and improving Pidkova comple — is a part of an ancient castle. It consists of a columned hall, weapon, smithies, a wine cellar and a beer pub. All design is executed in style of the lock with stone arches and columns, in a tree and metal. Total of seats to 200 people.

Pidkova restaurantThe main concept of restaurant — is various, interesting and substantial rest in a friendly situation. This place where positive emotions and democratic spirit where there will pass regular performances of the groups playing fate, the jazz, the blues and the priest music will storm. Shows of the program of various genres and a disco on different subject will be carried out. All these events will take place in a columned hall — the main hall of restaurant where the scene and a dance floor is located. There can comfortably take place to 70 people. The hall is equipped with powerful ventilation therefore guests here can even smoke.

The modern musical equipment will give the chance to act to groups and to show everything, on what they are capable, and to guests to feel all sounds of musical masterpieces. Wishing to spend time in quieter atmosphere or the separate company, can dance in a hall stylized under the ancient weapon. This hall is taken completely away under six Pidkova restaurantbankets. In it four bankets on 8 people, one on 4 and one on 3 are located. Possibility of association two large bankets in one — the person is provided on 16-20.

Following the smithy is a hall in our institution. This separate room with a separate exit and separate a toilet room. In it 24 persons can take place. It is very comfortable hall with easy furniture, sofas and chairs. This hall is provided for hookah smoking. In it also there is a scene with a pole for carrying out a striptease show. So private parties will pass very substantially.

Cafe and Billiards

It is a small part of our institution in which there are two zones — game and a cafe zone.

Pidkova Biliard and Cafe

In a game zone there are three tables for Russian billiards of production of the Ukrainian-Dutch Buffalo brand and one table for game in the American. Spheres Aramis. Handwork cues. It lets possibility know a certain advantage of our billiards before other institutions. Tournaments are monthly held. The zone of cafe has 9 little tables and can accept orders for 30 people. In a hall there is a bar and separate kitchen.

Pidkova BilliardsThe hall has the stylish interior decorated with oak panels. The institution atmosphere very cozy therefore it is pleasant to our guests who need private communication and want to hide far away from extraneous eyes.
The entrance to cafe billiards is carried out through a courtyard therefore having visited us and having left a car, in a courtyard, you can keep the privacy.

In an institution the separate kitchen operates. Pidkova BilliardsWhere prepare tasty dishes generally Ukrainian cuisine. There are offers of the Italian dishes.
The cozy atmosphere, refined style, the democratic prices give fine possibility to have a rest from city noise and to hold business meetings. There is a hall for the non-smoking. There are 3 big TVs and access to sports channels therefore you can look through interesting sports programs.
The institution works with 11:00 till 24:00.


Small, democratic institution where it is possible to drink beer, cheaply to eat, taste jamón popular in an institution hamon and matsikh, chebureks on - to the recipe of the 80th years, chicken hearts on a brazier, baked potatoes a shish kebab, a chicken tobacco and meat «the Pansky skovoridka».

Pidkova Pub

In the range there are six types of draft beer, including two look "live".
Institution atmosphere friendly, democratic.

Pidkova PubToday, the pub is a part of restaurant which will open in the summer. The pub consists of three halls, there are two banquets on five people and one on ten. Live music daily plays and there is a dancing.

In all three halls don't smoke, but at future restaurant there will be a zone for smoking.

The prices in a bar almost ridiculous, thus, that quality of dishes the high. So, for example, «the barchelor lunch» passing with 12:00-15:00, consists of three dishes and drink, and there are only 20 UAH.

Pidkova SaunaIn an institution the orders calculated on 30 people are accepted.
The Pub begins work before all institutions of the city — in the 7th mornings and works to 24-ti hours. So to "larks", is where to be treated with "morning dew». A house specialty of a pub of Pidkov are:
— Honey kvass, own production — well refreshes, and at long storage even very well invigorates;
— Chebureks, after 6 recipes which prepared in Soviet period;
— A chicken tobacco which unsurpassed taste you won't forget;
—    meat «the Pansky skovoridka» which will prepare directly on your eyes.


We want to present you the modern pool on two paths, with convenient locker rooms. The length of the pool on 5 meters is shorter standard, but it on 5 meters is closer to excellent result.

Pidkova Svimming PoolThe modern system of a filtration and water purification doesn't create any problems with skin.
The pool — pride of our building. It, on advantage, residents exactly therefore it is in demand the deserved estimated. Especially it is promoted by additional options and reasonable price.
The pool offers a small place in which two falls for light massages, ground geyser and two built-in wall countercurrents which are fine effective powerful masseurs are located. And all this enters into cost of one visit.
Near the pool there is a sauna. The trainer on swimming works. Classes are given in water aerobics.
To the pool it is possible to order drinks. And at desire dishes too.
The pool with 7.00 works till 23.00.
Visit cost — 24 UAH. for 1 hour.


Soft steam — one of the main advantages of our sauna. Your body in a Pidkova Saunasauna doesn't burn down and doesn't dry, the temperature is transferred easier and more comfortably therefore it is possible to use higher temperature modes, with big improving effect.

To reach such effect it was possible at the expense of a combination in construction of high-quality grades of wood, professional and correct technology of construction. Therefore this argument, in many cases, is the main thing for fans попариться, in a sauna choice in our advantage.
The sauna is calculated on 6 people of disposable, comfortable stay. In a sauna there is a wooden font with cold water and a bucket for douche.
The recreation area is arranged  with a soft leather sofa with two chairs, the TV, a table for food intake and a table for carrying out massage. There is a refrigerator, a teapot, ware.
From a sauna it is possible to get conveniently to the pool or to pass in hotel.

There is a possibility to do the order according to the pub and cafe menu.
Operating time — around the clock.
Kindly we invite in our sauna. Only in advance take care to order visit time. At us there are a lot of wishing to have a rest therefore the majority uses subscriptions.
Cost of services: 1 hour of a sauna — 100 UAH.
1 hour of a sauna + the pool — 110 UAN.

Summer bar

The summer platform is in a courtyard, where a remarkable cosiness from the noisy atmosphere of city streets.

Pidkova Hotel

The platform has two levels, the front party faces the west, therefore in warm summer evenings, from the second level,Pidkova Pub it is possible to admire a fine view on the sun.

The platform is adjoined by a brazier room, through transparent which big windows it is possible to watch preparation of the order, and the smell of fried meat and a flying smoke — promote good appetite.
The wishing can suit the a holiday on a summer platform. At the first level 40 people, on the second 25 can take place. Live music here plays and pass dances.

From a summer platform it is possible to pass at once in a pub and restaurant, to the pool and a sauna, and also in hotel.
So nearby — all pleasures. On a platform there is a separate bar counter and a separate toilet.


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