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Site Audience

Every day 3000-3700 people visit our site
They view 7,5-8 thousands of pages per day.
Every month we get a 32-36 thousands of unique visitors and more than 100 thousand page views (number continues to grow steadily.)
Audience features:  portal audience consist of foreigners, who live abroad and want to come to Ukraine and foreigners who have already came to Ukraine and are looking for information about country’s attractions, tourist destinations and tours inside the country. Most of our readers are foreigners as we don’t have Ukrainian or Russian version.

Banner Advertising:

Available banner sizes: 728x90, 300x250, 160x600, 468x60, 336x280. To request a price list please contact us at ad@ua-traveling.com

Promo opportunities offered by ua-traveling.com catalog

Including your company in the catalog, we promote your services to foreign tourists who come to Ukraine.

In our catalog we include companies (organizations, institutions, firms) which can be useful for a foreigner at the stage of planning his travel to Ukraine, or during his travel inside the country. Catalog includes places to stay and to eat in Ukraine and leisure facilities in different cities.

To add your company to the catalog, please, contact us at ad@ua-traveling.com

Free placement in UA-traveling catalog. You will get your own page at ua-traveling.com submitted in 4 languages (English, German, French, Arabic). The page will contain ONLY your contact information. Your company will also be marked on Ukraine’s map.

Paid placement in UA-traveling catalog. Paid placement will give you an opportunity to change text template on your page to the information you need. The cost of the extension of information about the company – is 200 UAH (onetime payment). The quantity of information you can place at your page is not limited. We can also add pictures and videos. You pay one time and information is placed forever. To expand the information you need to provide the materials in 4 foreign languages. If you are unable to prepare a text in any of site languages - we can kindly offer our translation services, which are much cheaper than in translation bureau.

Feel free to contact us at ad@ua-traveling.com