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The Central Ukraine

Dnepropetrovsk. Central UkraineCentral Ukraine is the area of Ukraine, which includes Vinnitsa, Dnepropetrovsk, Kirovograd, Poltava and Cherkassy regions.
To the cultural, administrative and industrial centers of the area belong such cities: Vinnitsa, Dnepropetrovsk, Dneprodzerzhinsk, Krivoy Rog, Nikopol, Kremenchug, Kirovograd, Mirgorod, Poltava, Kanev, Uman’ and Cherkassy.

Industry of the area

In the area are developed both industrial and agricultural branches of the economy, thank to the mineral resources and fruitful soils. Dnepropetrovsk region can claim to be called the economic locomotive of Ukraine. The area corresponds to be the large center of metallurgy, machine-building, chemical, mining and coal industries of Ukraine. In Kirovograd region there developed the granite, stone, clay and sandy pits, there are large deposits of brown coal, uranium, lithium and graphite. During the last decades here were also discovered the gold deposits, there is also the big probability of the presence of platinum, diamonds and chromium. The biggest part of the territory of the area is situated in borders of Podolskaya, Pridneprovskaya uplands and Pridneprovskaya lowland, cut with river arteries, among which the biggest are Dnepr, Dniester, South Bug, Ingulets and others. There are also storage ponds – Kanevskoe and Kremenchugskoe. The geographical center of Ukraine is situated in Kirovograd region in the settlement Dobrovelychivka.

Central area of Ukraine. PoltavaThe very Ukrainian language of Poltava region is considered to be the literary Ukrainian. To the colloquial languages belong as Ukrainian so as Russian. The part of the population speaks the dialect (surzhik) – the mixture of Russian and Ukrainian. The population of the Central Ukraine professes generally orthodox.

Natural reserves of the Central Ukraine

The natural conditions of the Central Ukraine favored the appearance of the rich natural-recreational potential of the area. In the area there are many reserves and arboretums, among which are: Reserve “Hutor Nadezhda”, reserve “Karpenkov Krai”, arboretums “Veselye Bokoven’ki” (Kirovograd region); Shevchenko National Reserve (Kanev), National Reserve “Chigiryn”, State historic-cultural reserve “Trahtemirev” and National arboretum park “Sofievka” (Uman’), landscape park “Dikanskiy”. The beauty and the pride of the area belong to the 400 years old oaks, healthy sources and one of the largest forest massifs in the forest-steppe zone on the territory of Ukraine – Onufrievskiy Black Forest. In Poltava region there are the objects of eco-tourism. These are Dikan’ka and Velikie Sorochintsy. In Zinkovski district there is situated the center of the potter’s handicraft – village Opyshnya. In Poltava region there is also one of the biggest Scythian ancientCentre of Vinnitsa. Central Ukraine settlements on the territory of Europe. In the Central Ukraine in Dnepropetrovsk region one can learn the Cossack’s mode of life and history. Here are to be seen the Cossack churches, ruins of the ancient fortress. Among the sights of the area there is a unique one – one of the world first hyperboloid steel water towers – tower of V. G. Shuhov (Cherkassy).