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Cherkassy region

Nature in Cherkassy RegionCherkassy region is located in the central part of Ukraine in the basin of the river Dnieper. In the north it borders on Kiev region, in the east – on Poltava, in the south – on Kirovograd and west – on Vinnitsa regions.
Cherkassy region occupies 20.9 thousand square kilometers, or 3.5% of the state (18th place in Ukraine).

Sofiyivka Park. Cherkassy regionThe region stretches from the south-west to north-east for 245 km, from north to south - 150 km. The extreme northern point lies near the village Kononivka, the southern one - near the village Kolodyste, western one - near the village Korytnia, eastern one - near the village Stetsivka. The geographical center of the region is a point near the village Zhuravko of Gorodische district.

The territory of Cherkassy region is generally flat and conditionally divided into two parts - the right bank and left bank. Most of the right bank located within the borders of upland area with the highest point, which is the absolute height of 275 m above sea Tarasova Hata. Cherkassy regionlevel (near Monastyrysche). In adjacent part to the right bank of the Dnieper there is waterlogged Irdyn-Tyasmynska lowland and the highland - Kanev mountains. Lowland terrain is part of the left bank area along the Dnieper lowland.

  1. Tourist route: "Cherkassy Golden Horseshoe"

    Tourist route: "Cherkassy Golden Horseshoe"

    The glorious Cossack past and significant historic figures of the region inspired tourist guides of Cherkassy region to create a tourist route: "Cherkassy Golden Horseshoe": Cherkassy-Chyhyryn-Kaniv-Korsun-Uman-Zvenygorodka-Kamianka-Talne. Cherkassy is a

  2. Park “Sofievka” (Sofiyivsky). Uman. Ukraine

    Park “Sofievka” (Sofiyivsky). Uman. Ukraine

    Park “Sofievka” (Sofiyivsky) is the prominent monument of the world importance, the monument of the landscape art of the XVIII-XIX centuries. In the park there are held excursions, are offered many different amusements, horse riding or the

  3. Helicopter landing place in Kanev

    Helicopter landing place in Kanev

    The helicopter landing place with a passenger terminal was opened in Kanev. The terminal has a carrying capacity of 50 passengers per hour. The helicopter landing place is located not far from the Shevchenko National Reserve Area. It allows receiving

  4. Shevchenko Hill in Kanev

    Shevchenko Hill in Kanev

    Kanev (Ukrainian transliteration Kaniv, Russian transliteration Kanev) is a city located in Cherkassy region (central Ukraine). It has got touristic popularity due to the beautiful nature and cultural monument, which is worldwide known as Shevchenko Hill

  5. Assumption Cathedral in Kanev

    Assumption Cathedral in Kanev

    A small city Kanev is located in the central part of Ukraine on the right bank of the Dnieper River. Kanev is famous for the tomb of the great Ukrainian poet Taras Shevchenko, Assumption Cathedral of St. George and the Kanev Reservoir. History of the