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Chernigov Ukraine

Building in an old part of ChernigovChernigov (Chernihiv, Chernigiv) is a green Ukrainian city with a history of about 1300 years. Chernigov city is located near the river Desna. This city is famous for its ancient architecture. Beautiful cathedrals and churches built in 11-13 centuries attract a lot of tourists to Chernigov Ukraine.

If you visit Chernigov at first time it is better to start with Chernigov rampart. It is located in the oldest part of the city in the spiritual center of Chernigov (Chernihiv, Chernigiv). Tourists can find here the greatest concentration of churches, cathedrals, historical buildings and museums. The great sightseeing of Chernigov is a majestic Spassky Cathedral - the oldest orthodox cathedral surviving on the territory of Kievan Rus. Spassky Cathedral was founded in 1024 and it is the oldest Orthodox church in Ukraine and in Russia. Only Constantinople Sofia, which is now located in Turkey's Istanbul is older than this cathedral. Spassky Cathedral was founded a few years before the famous St. Sophia Cathedral. Today Spassky Cathedral is the only surviving monument (on the left bank of Ukraine) of architecture of the blossoming period of Kievan Rus.

Among the Chernigov. Eletskiy nunnerysightseeing of Chernihiv are twelve guns of various historical periods located in the Chernigov rampart. Catherine's Church is one of the most beautiful churches in Ukraine. It is located opposite the Chernigov rampart. Trinity Cathedral of Chernigov is also very popular sightseeing among the tourists. This cathedral is famous for its beauty and is visible from all sides of the city.

Eletski Assumption monastery has an unusual history. According to legend it was founded on the place, where on the top of a fir was miraculously found the icon of the Blessed Virgin. It is believed that the monastery was called in honor of this fir (in Russian language fir pronounced as Iel’ so the monastery was called Eletskiy).

Archeologists have found a lot of underground passages in Chernigiv (Ukraine). St. Anthony’s caves form an underground monastery, founded in 1069. St. Anthony was also the founder of the Kievo-Pecherska Lavra. River Desna. Interesting CloudsThere is a legend that Chernigov caves were connected with Kiev caves with an underground passage.

Chernigov city is famous not only for its numerous sightseeing but also for its natural beauty. Many beautiful parks with pavilions are located there. Charming views to the Desna river attract with its beauty Chernigov citizens and gests of the city.

Photos of Chernigov

Churches of Chernigov
Sunset in Chernigov
Chernigov at night
Sightseeing of Chernigov
Chernigov wonderful views

  1. Mazepa house in Chernigov

    Mazepa house in Chernigov

    The house was built in the late 16th century on the territory of the rampart (ancient Dytynets') by the Chernigov colonel Lyzogub. After his death the house belonged to the hetman and philanthropist Ivan Mazepa. In the early 18th century Mazepa house in

  2. Boldiyn hills in Chernigov

    Boldiyn hills in Chernigov

    The ancient history of Chernigov region is deeply entrenched in pagan antiquity. Boldin hills are connected with many ancient legends. One legend says that around the city there were dark dense forests, and the city, which was located on the banks of the

  3. Chernigov rampart. Dytynets’

    Chernigov rampart. Dytynets’

    Chernigov rampart was created in times of Kievan Rus and here was located Dytynets’ (Russian transliteration Detinets). Dytynets’ is an inner walled city of Old Russia, with a prince's court, a military retinue, rooms for the warriors of

  4. Catherine church in Chernigov

    Catherine church in Chernigov

    Catherine church is one of the main sights of Chernigov. It stands on a hill at the entrance to the city and in the in close proximity to the ancient Chernigov Dytynets’ (now it is a territory of Chernigov rampart). Today Catherine church is a

  5. Spaso-Preobrazhensky (Transfiguration of the Savior) Cathedral in Chernigiv

    Spaso-Preobrazhensky (Transfiguration of the Savior) Cathedral in Chernigiv

    Spaso-Preobrazhensky Cathedral is one of the oldest shrines in Ukraine. It was built in the early X century by the Chernigiv Prince Mstislav Vladimirovich, as a tomb for the princely family. On the territory of the cathedral there is a burial place

  6. Troitsko-Illinsky (Trinity and St. Ilijah) Monastery and Anthony Caves

    Troitsko-Illinsky (Trinity and St. Ilijah) Monastery and Anthony Caves

    The Troitsko-Ilyinsky Monastery and the Church of St. Elijah are situated on the Boldiny Hills in Chernigiv. The Church of St. Elijah is the oldest building of this ensemble. It was erected at the end of the XI century. In the XVIII century, the

  7. Chorna Mogyla (Black Grave) in Chernigiv

    Chorna Mogyla (Black Grave) in Chernigiv

    The Chorna Mogyla was the first burial mound of the pre-Christian Rus state that was excavated in Chernigiv in 1872. Those types of burials were very common on the territory of pagan Rus and were analogous to the Egyptian pyramids. Some of the Old

  8. "Ancient Chernigiv"

    "Ancient Chernigiv"

    "Ancient Chernigiv" is one of the tourist gems of Ukraine. It includes 29 original models of ancient architecture, 6 of them belong to the pre-Mongol period, and are one of the oldest in the Eastern Europe. The historic reserve includes the Spassky

  9. Boris and Gleb (Borisoglebsky) Cathedral in Chernigiv

    Boris and Gleb (Borisoglebsky) Cathedral in Chernigiv

    Boris and Gleb Cathedral was founded as a family burial vault of the Davidovich Princes, and is a typical example of Chernigiv architecture of the XII century.The construction lasted from 1120 to 1123. The cathedral is a static structure with impressive