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Contest Rules:

1. The contest will be held by ua-travelling.com from August 1, 2013 to September 30, 2013

2. To participate in the contest you need to either sign up to the website or use your Facebook or VKontakte account for authorization.

3. Contestants are awarded points for:
- submitting a photo related to Ukraine (5 points);
- submitting a travel report related to Ukraine (50 points);
- 1 like of a photo (2 points);
- 1 like of a travel report (15 points).

4. The number of points collected by each participant is displayed in the list next to a contestant’s name. The number near the red star indicates the number of points for the contest. The number next to a grey star is the overall number of points, which does not influence the contest.

5. The rating stops updating at midnight on September 30, 2013. At this moment the 10 winners will be chosen by their rating positions.

6. A single participant can submit an unlimited number of photos and travel reports.

7. You can upload photos and reports to Ukrainian, English and Russian versions of the website. Also you can upload materials in all three languages by yourself. The website administration reserves the right to translate the report or photo titles into other languages to increase the number of views and “likes” of the uploaded material.

8. Participants of the contest are responsible for copyright compliance regarding photos and texts uploaded to the website.

9. Travel reports uploaded to the website should have 2000 characters or more. A report is included to the contest after it’s been reviewed by the site administration.

10. Points are added to the rating after the report has been passed.

11. Site administration has the right not to include reports that possess one of the following features:
- the report was not written by the participant;
- the report was already published somewhere else;
- the report does not meet the quality requirements (i.e. bad grammar);
- the text of the report contains explicit language or is offensive to anyone;
- the report violates morality or the law of Ukraine.

12. Site administration has the right to delete photos uploaded by the participants in the following cases:
- photos don’t belong to the participant;
- other users reported the photo as offensive to the third party;
- photos are viewed as disturbing or depict content prohibited by the Ukrainian law.

13. Points for the uploaded photos are added to the overall rating immediately.

14. In case photos are later deleted from the website, the points for the submission or “likes” received by the user are taken away from the rating.

15. Website administration is determined to make every effort to prevent any falsification of the rating.

16. In case any falsification is detected, the site administration has the right to exclude the person violating the rules from the contest.

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to contact us at support@ua-traveling.com.