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Dnipro Arena. Dnepropetrovsk stadium Euro 2012

Dnipro ArenaThe total capacity of the stadium: 31 003 seats

219 seats for VIP-guests

219 seats for media representatives


In times of Yekaterinoslav (the former name of Dnepropetrovsk) on the place of the stadium there was the city cemetery. At the end of Voskresenskaya Street (now Lenin) there was Voskresenskaya (Resurrection) Church, demolished the communist regime. In 1940, on the place of the cemetery there was built the Stadium Metallurg, where played the team "Stal" (Steel). After UMZ constructed stadium "Meteor" with 35 000 seat in 1967, the matches at the stadium "Metallurg" ceased, until 1978.

Stadium Dnipro Arena became the first new stadium in Ukraine ready for the Euro 2012. It had to be put in commission in August 2007, but the opening date was repeatedly postponed.

Dnipro Arena stadium in Dnepropetrovsk is the first covered football stadium in Ukraine, built on the modern project. Dnipro Arena in DnepropetrovskDesign and construction of the Dnipro Arena began long before it appeared the information about Euro-2012 to be held in Ukraine and therefore there were not taken into account all the UEFA requirements. Unfortunately it has become one of the reasons through which UEFA excluded city of Dnepropetrovsk of the number of cities-candidates for Euro 2012.

Architectural features

Football field is equipped with heating and automatic irrigation systems. Over the tribunes there are two video screens, each 60 square meters. Sound system consists of ten clusters, each of which includes two broadband speakers rated at 140 watts and a subwoofer 800 watts. For the matches in the evening the stadium is equipped with artificial lighting. On the roof there are installed 176 special projectors Philips, each of which is aimed at a specific sector of the field. Depending on the required power the lighting operates in several modes: the match with TV-broadcast, the match without TV-broadcast, training. At the stadium there operates a diesel generator, which allows not depend on the city mains during the matches, and, thus, the Dnipro-Arena is not afraid of random crashes. At the stadium for the first time in Ukraine there was laid roll-up lawn. On the entire perimeter of the arena there are located retail outlets, food and souvenirs shops, toilets. There is anti-slip coverage in the aisles into the tribunes. For people with disabilities there is a special platform.
Stadium in Dnepropetrovsk
The Customer of the project - FC Dnipro

General designer - Yuri Seregin (Kiev)

General Contractor - Hochtief (Germany)

Commissioning - 12 September 2008