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Donetsk Travel Guide

Donetsk is an unusual green industrial city with the population of oneDonbass Arena stadium million people. Here you can meet mines, slagheaps, located adjacent to apartment blocks, at the same time you can see beautiful green alleys, botanical gardens, lakes and reservoirs.

In 1970 Donetsk was recognized by UNESCO as the best industrial city in the world. Donetsk is not only a major industrial city but also a big cultural center of Eastern Ukraine. There are 140 museums and museum rooms in Donetsk Ukraine. There are two large state regional museums among them: Donetsk Regional Art Museum and the Donetsk Regional Museum.

Among the most interesting sightseeings of Donetsk is Mertsalov’s Palm. It is a representation of palm, forged from steel by Alexei Mertsalov. The Palm has got Grand Prix Award at the Paris International Industrial Exhibition in 1900. The Palm is made from a single rail. The original height of Mertsalov’s Palm is 3 m 53 cm. The original Palm is located in theMertsalov' palm tree Museum of the Mining Institute in St. Petersburg. September 12, 1999 a replica of Mertsalov’s Palm was established in Donetsk city not far from the exhibition center Expo-Donbass. There is a project to bring copies of Mertsalov’s Palm to capitals of major countries of the world. Copies of Mertsalov’s Palm have been already placed in Ottawa and Hanover. Those tourists who like diving should be interested to see a copy of  Mertsalov’s Palm placed by divers under the water near Cape Tarkhankut in the Crimea (Ukraine).

In Voroshilov district of Donetsk city you can find a park of forged figures. Every year in this park takes place an international festival of blacksmith's skill. After this festival, the best works are exhibited in the park. In forged figures park you can also find arbour of loving couple, Ukrainian arbour and arbour four dragons, the alley Zodiac signs, the alley Newlyweds and the alley of Tales.

The next sightseeing of Dontesk is Ukrainian Steppe, the park of sculptures on Pushkin boulevard. All the works have a common subject the Slavic mythology and everyday life. Eleven sculptures of the Ukrainian Steppe were donated to Donetsk by Ukrainian and German sculptors. In Donetsk tourists also can find the first Donetsk bridge at nighmonument to the Beatles established on the territory of the CIS and the Donetsk Small Railway installed in the park of the Leninskiy Komsomol. In August 2009 in this park was opened Donbass Arena stadium, designed and built in accordance with the standards of UEFA category Elite.

The Azov Sea located in 95 km south from the city of Donetsk, is a popular recreational area for those living in Donetsk (Ukraine).

Photos of Donetsk

Sightseeing of Donetsk
Donetsk at night
Sunset in Donetsk

  1. Tsar Cannon in Donetsk

    Tsar Cannon in Donetsk

    Original Tsar Cannon was cast in bronze in the XV century by the Russian master Andrei Chokhov. Gun carriages have been created much later in the XVIII century in St. Petersburg, they were made by the sketch of the architect A BryullovModern Tsar Cannon

  2. Ball fountain in Donetsk

    Ball fountain in Donetsk

    Ball fountain in Donetsk is an unusual fountain, aspires to be listed in the Guinness Book of Records. The material chosen for the monument is granite, because of its strength and resistance to environmental influences. The weight of Ball fountain

  3. Blue Lion in Donetsk

    Blue Lion in Donetsk

    The Night Lion (Blue Lion) was created and decorated in the "City of the Lion" (Lviv) at the urban art festival "Parade of Lions." It was presented to Donetsk from Lviv, in 2009. Blue Lion is a pledge of friendship between Eastern and Western Ukraine.

  4. Good Angel of Peace in Donetsk

    Good Angel of Peace in Donetsk

    The monument of Good Angel of Peace in Donetsk was created and erected in the charity project "Good Angel of Peace" which was created in order to renew the great tradition of philanthropy. The composition of the monument is a gold angel on a granite

  5. Slagheap - the card of Donbass

    Slagheap - the card of Donbass

    At the mention of the “Slagheap Ukraine” in all search engines, including Google you accurately receive photos of the Donetsk landscapes. For those who are not familiar with the industry terminology: slagheap (Spoil tip) is a conical mound

  6. Forged sculpture park in Donetsk

    Forged sculpture park in Donetsk

    Donbass has been famous for its blacksmiths from old times and to our days, the masters of forged art by combining ancient traditions with modern, surprisingly show the subtlety and finesse of their work. Every year, Donetsk holds the festival of "Park

  7. Mertsalov Palm in Donetsk

    Mertsalov Palm in Donetsk

    Donetsk is the capital of blacksmithing. Here is the "Guild of Blacksmiths of Donbass", that every year conducts various exhibitions and events at which the masters can show their skills. Here was created one of the first masterpieces of the blacksmith's

  8. Top 10 Places to see in Donetsk

    Top 10 Places to see in Donetsk

    Donetsk – is a city in Eastern Ukraine city on the river Kalmius. The development of the Donetks lands was begun by Zaporozh Cossacks. Originally the city was called Yuzivka, in honor of an English businessman John Hughes. Today Donetsk is the most