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The Eastern Ukraine

Eastern area. Kharkiv. A bird's eye viewUsually to the Eastern Ukraine refer the contemporary Lugansk, Kharkov and Donetsk regions. This is the industrially and economically developed area of Ukraine and the most urbanized part of the country. Kharkov region is one of the most urbanized in Ukraine.

The large cities of the area are Donetsk, Kharkov, Lugansk, Mariupol, Gorlovka, Kramatorsk, Alchevsk, and Sverdlovsk. In this area there is situated the largest region in Ukraine according to the population – Donetsk region. According to the nationality of the population the largest part belongs to the Ukrainian, there are also many Russian speaking people, because of the location of the region. The communication language is generally Russian.

The relief of the Eastern area

The relief of the Eastern area is generally plain, excepting Donetsk mountain ridge. The water resources are presented with the large rivers Don, Severskij Donets, Oskol. In Kharkov region were created over 50 storage ponds. The most spacious among them are Krasnooskolskoe, Pechenezhskoe, Krasnopavlovskoe. From the south the area is washed with the Azov Sea.

Lugansk. Eastern UkraineThe area is rich in natural resources. This is the largest industrial area of Ukraine; the Donetsk region provides 20% of the industrial production of the state. The major branches of the economy are coal, metallurgy, chemical-recovery, chemical industry, heavy industry, production of building materials, power industry. There are in the eastern area the sources of the healing mineral waters (in Lugansk, Severodonetsk, Lisichansk, Kremennoi and Starobelsk). The transit highways, gas and oil pipelines pass through the territory of the area.

Sacral sights of the eastern area

The Eastern Ukraine is rich not only in natural resources but in beautiful nature also, there are many architectural monuments and sacral sights. Among the natural sights one can single out the State Historic Architectural Reserve in the town Slavianogorsk, monuments of nature in Lugansk region – unique chalky rocks Baranji Lby in the settlement Novoaidary, Royal Rocks inDonetsk in the night. Eastern area of Ukraine Lugansk Reserve. Among the sacral sights the well known are Sviatogorski cave-monastery ХVII-ХVIII ct. in Donetsk region, Intercession Cathedral, Assumption Cathedral, Transfiguration Cathedral, Nikolaev Church in Kharkov region. Cultural-architectural sights: architectural buildings in the city of Artemovsk, Katerininski Palace ХVIII ct. in Kharkov region.