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Emergency Telephone Numbers in Ukraine

Emergency Telephone Numbers avaliable to call from any city of in Ukraine

101 Fire Protections
102 Police
103 Ambulances
104 Emergency "Kievgas"
109 Supplemental to provide rooms
122 Weather Forecasts
1503 Supplemental Ambulance Service (inpatients)
127 Tax Administrations
1508 Centralized, automated telephone repair service (from Ukrtelecom)
1509 Telephone numbers information service of local networks
1551 Reference and Information Service of the Kiev city authorities
176 Local telephone network service (Ukrtelecom)
1553 (redirection: 1554 –a taxi and 1559 - Help)
1555 Provision of medical care "Medic"
1556 “Kiyavia” booking tickets (air, w / d, insurance, hotels, tourism)
1557 Emergency Service for building maintenance (plumbing, sewage, electric grid)
1558 Taxi (Kievpasstrans)
1559 Help-information Service, language: (En), (De), (Fr), (It)
121 Exact time service
1561 Help Desk
1562 Supplemental to sell cars "SVT Fortune"
1563 Personal services "Svitanok"
1564 Repair payphones (from Ukrtelecom)
175 Information mail Service (Ukrposhta / indexes, delivery, etc.)
1566 Telegrams on credit (with phone)
1567 Information about medicines in pharmacies
128 Duty Emergency Service of the Kyiv City (KSCA)
170 Telephone code Information Service, Ukraine and Russia
0-171 Toll line (Ukrtelekom)
174 Calling by phone from hotel
1575 Radio receiving station
126 Special police posts
1577 Taxi ("Green Taxi")
178 Special Service Answering Machine
173 Information Service about telephone codes abroad
1580 Provision of medical care "Biofarmtekh"
1581 Water supply systems emergency service
1583 Information Service "Health" (a physician advices over the phone - free of charge)
1585 Air transport services (incl. booking air tickets)
1586 Elevator emergency service
1588 Network Emergency service
1589 Traffic management service, emergency service Kievpasstrans (t, tr, b)

Calls for service 101, 102, 103 and 104 are free of charge.
All other services tariff is according to local telephone services.