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How to win in the Contest

How to upload materials to UA-travelling.com

1. To become a participant of the contest you have to either sign up at UA-travelling or use your Facebook/VKontakte account for authorization.
2. Open your profile and use “Upload photo” or “New report” buttons to submit the desired materials.
3. If you want to add photos to your report, first you will have to upload them to the website. Then you need to open the desired image, right-click on it, click “Copy URL of the image” and paste the link into the image uploading field.
4. Uploaded materials are published on the website as soon as you tick “Publish”.

How to earn more points:

- upload more photos;
- submit more reports;
- make sure your friends support you in the contest;
- post links to your photos and reports into your social media accounts timeline:
- place a link to your profile at UA-travelling in your social media profiles and have people visit and “like” your submissions;
- when uploading your images, locate them on our map and set the category and the city for your photos – in that way the number of views and “likes” will definitely grow.

Send your questions to support@ua-traveling.com.