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Kharkov Region

Kharkov. Blagoveshenski y Cathedral (the Cathedral of the Annunciation)Kharkov Region is located in northeastern Ukraine, on the north and north-western it borders with the Belgorod region of Russia.

The territory of Kharkov region is 31.4 thousand km or 5.2% of the territory of Ukraine. The length from north to south totals 210 km, from east to west - 220 km.

The population of the Kharkov region is about 2.9 million people or 6% of the population of Ukraine, it ranks third in Ukraine according to population. The urban population is 78.9% and rural – 21.1%.

In the national composition dominate the Ukrainians; their share is 62.8%, the Russian have the second place - about 30%, most of them live in urban areas. Other nationalities are Byelorussians, Armenians, Tatars, Jews and others.

According to the administrative-territorial division Kharkov region consists of 27 administrative districts, 7 towns of regional subordination (Kharkov, Izyum, Kupiansk, Lozovaia, Lyubotin, Pervomaisk, Chuhuyiv), 10 towns of district subordination, 60 urban villages and 1654 rural settlements.

Sights of Kharkov region

It is located on the border of the steppe and steppe physiographic zones. The surface of the area is a wavy plain; it has a slight slope in the south-eastern and south-western direction. Much of the area lies within Pridneprovskaya lowlands, in the north and north-east there are the spurs of Srednerusskaia Upland, dissected with ravines and gullies, on the south-east - spurs of Donetsk upland.

Freedom Square KharkovMost of the territory of the Kharkov region is covered with steppe zone, which is now almost completely cultivated for growing crops. Soils are mainly powerful and typical black earth, distinguished with a high fertility.

A characteristic feature of Kharkov region is the alternation of the forest areas and open fields. Forests cover about 10% of the area, the most widespread species are oak and pine, there are also spruce, as well as linden, ash, maple, birch, alder.

There are many wild fruit trees in the forests - pear and apple trees, in the undergrowth and forest borders there are hazels, snowball, hawthorn, blackthorn, elder, euonymus.

In the forests of Kharkov region dwell noble deer, elk, wild boars and roe, among the predators are fox, wolf, weasel, weasel, polecat, raccoon dog, marten. Here are many kinds of birds - the nightingales, warblers, storks, woodpeckers, magpies, nightjar, linnet, and many others.

In the steppes dwell hare, hamster, ground squirrel, quail, partridge, steppe harrier, marmot, jerboa; often can be seen steppe vipers and lizards.

The climate is temperate continental with cold winter and predominantly hot, dry summer.

Mineral resources are natural gas, oil, black and brown coal, rock salt, phosphorites, ocher, building materials, mineral waters.

Kharkov Region is situated on the watershed of the Dnieper and Don, on its territory run 156 rivers longer than 10 km, the largest of which are Seversky Donets, a tributary of the Don, as well as Oskol, Uda, Bereka.
There are 36 lakes in the region, most of them are locted in the valley of the Seversky Donets. Lyman Lake, the largest (length – 7.5 km, width – 2.7 km, average depth - 2 m) is the source of water of Zmievskaya Hydro Power Station and serves as a natural base of the fishery plant, created on it.

Kharkiv StadiumThere are also 1910 ponds, which are used for irrigation and water supply, fisheries and public recreation.

There are created 50 water reservoirs, the largest (Krasnooskol’skoe, Pechenezhskoe and Krasnopavlovskoe) are links of the water supply system of Donetsk and Kharkov region via Dnieper – Donbass channel. 

  1. Repin Museum in Chuguev

    Repin Museum in Chuguev

    There is hardly a person in the world who has not heard about the great artist Ilya Repin. However, few people know that the future artist was born in Ukraine, in the small town of Chuguev, Kharkov region. In 1969, Repin Memorial Museum of Art, including

  2. Art History Museum in the village Parhomovka

    Art History Museum in the village Parhomovka

    A small village Parkhomovka is located in the Kharkiv region. At the end of the XVIII century, it was granted by Catherine II to the General-Lieutenant Count I.F. Podgorichani, who built there a two-story mansion. In the post-revolutionary period, the

  3. St. Nicholas Church in Zhyhor  (Kharkov)

    St. Nicholas Church in Zhyhor (Kharkov)

    The first church of St. Nicholas was built in Zhyhor in 1747 owing to the Colonel Andrii Shcherbynin. Unfortunately, a modest wooden building with a bell tower has not been preserved up to now because of the fire. In 1890, the construction of the St.

  4. Nicholas Church in Grigorovka

    Nicholas Church in Grigorovka

    Slobozhanschina is a Ukrainian region that is famous for its attractions valued by tourists from all over the world. There are a lot of ancient churches that preserved till nowadays. One of them is St Nicholas church, which is located in Kharkov. This