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The city of Kherson. Ukraine

Park of Glory. KhersonKherson is the city of the region significance in the south of Ukraine, the administrative, industrial and cultural center of the Kherson Region. It is one of the best Ukrainian cities according to the ecological condition.

One of the main sights of the city is the Kherson Stronghold, which was grounded on the 8th of September 1778. The rests of the ramparts and gates of the stronghold remained up to nowadays. Being of the shape of a star, the Stronghold was surrounded with ditch and earth rampart. The bastions disposed 220 ordnances, inside there was the complex of the administrative and manufacturing buildings. The eminent architectural monument is the ensemble of the Palace Square in the center of the stronghold. Between the ramparts of the stronghold there were built several gates, one of them – Moscow (Saint-Petersburg) – joined stronghold with the military vorstadt and Ochakow gates with the lifting bridge over the ditch lead into the city. In May 1787 stronghold was visited by Ekaterina II. Though the Kherson Stronghold hasn’t experienced Kherson. Monument to the first ship with 60  cannonsany siege, not many buildings of the stronghold remained up to nowadays, only Ekaterina Cathedral, the building of the Admiral Arsenal, made in style of classicism and also the gates of the stronghold: Ochakow and Moscow. 1953 the park in the name of Lenin was founded on the territory of the stronghold.

Kherson is rich in sacral sights: Greek-Sophian Church, Synagogue Habad, Savior Cathedral and bell tower, the Church of St. Alexandra, Roman Catholic Church of “most holy heart of Jesus Christ”, Gregorian Monastery, Greek-Sophian, Holy Dormition, St. Ekaterina cathedral, which was founded by the earl Potemkin (he was buried in the cathedral) and other cathedrals.

The house of Nadezhda Durova is beautiful and interesting. She was authoress and the first woman officer in Russia. Nowadays this is one of the oldest buildings in Kherson. N. Durova is known for the event, when being 23 years old she changed her clothes into man's clothes and was recruited in the horse regiment. Alexander I assigned her to be the officer for the bravery she showed during the war against Napoleon 1807. In 1812 she became the heroine of the Patriotic War. There are also many houses in the city of famous historic persons, like Suvorov. The beautiful old building on the Suvorova Street attracts the attention of the Kherson. Hotel Complex people with two unusual for Kherson sculptures of atlases, which keep the balcony of this building on their shoulders.

Among the modern and interesting buildings there is Adzhigolski reticulate steel lighthouse. There are not so many buildings of such type in the world. It was built 1910 and represents the unique hyperbolic construction with the height of 70 meters.