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The city of Khmelnitsky. Ukraine

City of Khmelnitsky. UkraineKhmelnitsky is the administrative center of Khmelnitsky region. It is situated on the river South Buh. The former name was Proskurov. The city is as historical so as large trade center of Ukraine.

The architecture of the city is various. The Soviet period of its development is presented better. During that time there were built the grandeur constructions of the Regional Administration, Philharmonic Society and many other buildings. For the times of the Ukrainian independence there appeared in Khmelnitsky the new architectural constructions. Many new monuments were set in the city: Monument to Taras Shevtchenko (1992), the only horse monument in Ukraine to Bohdan Khmelnitsky, monument to international soldiers and monument to victims of repressions.

Monument of Bohdan KhmelnitskyTo the architectural monuments belong only few buildings of 19th -20th century in styles of baroque, eclecticism, and modern. The most noticeable are the oldest stone structure of the city – the Church of the Birth of Mother of God (1837) the building of the former real school (1905), the building of the current Museum of Art (1903) and the municipal house of culture. In the city there are also the beautiful organ hall, music-dramatic theatre etc.

Among the sights of Khmelnitsky is the only monument in Ukraine to the famous Baron Munchausen. The image of the other literary character – Don Kihot - was also immortalized in Khmelnitsky. Throughout the city there are located extraordinary monuments – strange metal creatures. These are robots, non-existent animals, specific trees and even a spaceship.

The biggest number of them is situated on the square of Heroes of Stalingrad and in the park of 500 anniversary of Khmelnitsky.But it is not all that Khmelnitsky can offer. Another very  Angel - Guardian. Khmelnitskyinteresting attraction is situated on crossroads of Vladimir Pilipchuk Street and Ivan Franko Street. It is the monument to the rocket, made of the rest of the strategic intercontinental rocket SS-19, which was directed to the territory of the USA. On the top of the rocket stand the emblems of sister cities. The crossroads of Independent Street and Proskurova Street is adorned with the beautiful monument to “Guardian Angel”.

In the city there is the ancient pagan shrine Striboga, where still the pagan gods are served. In Kiev on the Castle Hill it is glorified the god of harvest Yarilo.

There is the mini reserve in the city – municipal arboretum. It was founded in the last century and now is the favorite place for walks.