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The city of Kirovograd. Ukraine

View to the river Ingul from a foot-bridge. KirovogradKirovograd was founded in 1754 under the name of Fort of St. Elizabeth. The earthy swells remained partially nowadays. Primarily it had the form of the rectilinear hexagon with the perimeter of 6 versts (9,6 km). Bastions, gates and ravelins of the famous fortress had the Christian names. Except the fortifications in front of the ravelin of the most holy Pechersk fathers, on the bank of the river Ingul, there was situated Sergiev redoubt. The fortress of St. Elizabeth stands in the same raw with such noble masterpieces as Assumption Cathedral in Kiev-Pecherska Lavra and Mikhailov Zlatoglavyi Monastery. The fortress is the only earthy work, which almost completely remained up to nowadays in the Eastern Europe.

A lot of legends are associated with Kirovograd. One of them tells about the sunk Turkish ship, which carried gold down the river Ingul. But there are no some real documents, to confirm the direct place, where the ship sank.

Monument of architecture - Synagogue. KirovogradThe other interesting fact from the history of this wonderful city is that the building plan of former Elizabethgrad and now Kirovograd was based on the building plan of Paris. The only difference is that the houses in the center of Kirovograd are lower for a couple stores than in the capital of France. That means that all central streets along and near the river Ingul copy the plan of Paris. Kirovograd was even called little Paris before.
The city is full of interesting places. One of the sights in Kirovograd attracts the newlyweds. It is the bridge over the Ingul, the railings of which are crowned with padlocks. Here one can see the different padlocks with names of people in love – it is the padlocks of love. According to the tradition the newlyweds hang the padlock on the bridge and throw out the key into the water, that symbolizes their unbreakable union. This tradition exists not only in such Ukrainian cities as Kiev and Odessa, but also in Riga and Florence…

The other attraction of the city is the first dramatic theatre in Ukraine – the theatre in name of Kropivnitski. The first tram in Ukraine was also started inEarthen rampart. Cannons. Fortress in Kirovograd Kirovograd. But during the war the Germans demolished the tramways and they were not renewed after the occupation.

The favourite rest places of Kirovograd citizens are the parks – Kovalevski, Victory, and arboretum. The Park of Victory exists for more than 200 years. It is situated along the river Suhokleia and the water reservoir in Kirovograd. In park there are places with the Crimean microclimate and the southern trees and bushes can grow there.

Photos of Kirovograd

Architecture of Kirovograd
Wonderful views of Kirovograd
Kirovograd at night

  1. Fortress of St. Elizabeth in Kirovograd

    Fortress of St. Elizabeth in Kirovograd

    In 1754, the Empress Elizabeth gave her consent on the construction of the fortification on the banks of the river Ingul (on the territory of modern Kirovograd) along the southern boundary of the military settlements that were built for defense of