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Lugansk Ukraine

Beautiful Lugansk. UkraineLugansk city is the administrative center of Lugansk region, with the population of 688 thousand people. Lugansk is one of the 11 largest cities in Ukraine according to the territory and population. The official date of the foundation of Lugansk Ukraine is considered the year 1795, when according to the decree of Catherine II, here was founded the iron foundry, which was supposed to supply the guns and ammunition for the Black Sea Fleet. The mines of iron ore and coal, founded here, accompanied the development of this city as a large industrial center in the future.
But the city is not only the industry but also the cultural center of the region. Among the religious sights of the city is Svyatovladimirsky Cathedral - the beautiful majestic building, which is visible from afar. Orthodox Cathedral was founded in 1993 and is the largest religious construction of the south-eastern Ukraine for today. It takes about 3 thousand parishioners.

Canon in Lugansk. UkraineThe other interesting construction is the Memorial “Ostraya Mogila” (Sharp Grave). It is devoted to hard battles during the Civil War (1919), as well as to the victory in the Great Patriotic War. During the Civil War (the end of April 1919), during the hard battles against the troops of General Denikin, the residents of the city of Lugansk formed a line from the cartridge factory to Ostraya Mogila passing bullets from hand to hand. Luhansk was awarded with the Order for this feat in Soviet times. Memorial “Ostraya Mogila” is located in the place of the most brutal battles for the city of Lugansk. The public garden Fame of heroes of the Civil War was dedicated to this same historical event; passing through the garden visitors can get acquainted with the heroes of the Civil War. Their busts are set in the public garden: K.E. Voroshilov, F.A. Sergeyev (Artyom), A.Y. Parkhomenko and others.
There is a park-museum of stone sculptures in the city, perhaps the collection of stone women is not as numerous as in Dnepropetrovsk, but it is rather large. The park-museum is situated on the territory of the National Pedagogical University.

One of the biggest parks in Lugansk is Gorky Park. Gorky Park is the fountains, paths, shady trees, beach with the boat station and Luganka - one of the highest parachute towers of the USSR. This is the 57-meter parachute tower, the height of its platform from which one jumps, is 46 meters. In Soviet times, in the park was built is the largest dance floor in Ukraine, with capacity for 5 thousand people. Unfortunately neither the tower nor the dance floor are used according to its intended purpose. The area of Gorky Cathedral in Lugansk. UkrainePark is about 100 hectares. The park was often flooded in spring, that’s why now in Luhansk city is to be created the largest park of culture and recreation in Ukraine on the basis of the oak grove. The total area is 180 hectares.
Also in Lugansk (Ukraine) there are built and designed simultaneously several unique residential architectures (m / d of the New Town, Oxford, Marevsky and others).

  1. Lugansk Stone Sculpture Park

    Lugansk Stone Sculpture Park

    There are few museums, which can boast of the exhibits, which age is more than a thousand years. And there are less of them, where the exposure can tell you about the evolution of long-missing people. In this sense, the park-museum of stone sculptures,

  2. Tanks in Lugansk: The Monument to the Revolutionaries

    Tanks in Lugansk: The Monument to the Revolutionaries

    Monument to the Revolutionaries in Lugansk. Tanks Marko-V (Mk-V). One of the most beautiful historical and cultural monuments of Lugansk City and its true pride is the Monument to the Revolutionaries, opened back in 1937. In 1938,, in the square, 2

  3. Lugansk Aviation-Technical Museum

    Lugansk Aviation-Technical Museum

    The museum of aviation is created not only for those who dream about flying, but also for those whose hair has turned gray and they are proud that they have done it, for true aviators, whose hearts belong to the sky forever. We recommend to visit the

  4. Monument to Voroshilov in Lugansk

    Monument to Voroshilov in Lugansk

    In front of Lugansk city council there is a monument to the first Marshal of USSR and remarkable public figure Kliment Voroshilov. The city and the spot for installing the monument were not chosen randomly: not only Voroshilov did a lot for the country