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Lutsk Ukraine

Beautiful old part of cityLutsk is the city on the north-west of Ukraine, the administrative center of Volyn’ region. Because of its location near the Ukrainian-Polish border the city of Lutsk is considered to be one of the most important trade centers in Ukraine. Lutsk is one of the most ancient Ukrainian cities. The datum of foundation is 1085. The architecture of the city presents the works of Italian, Polish, Jewish, Russian and Armenian architects. That’s why Lutsk was called the Rome of the east.

The main attraction of Lutsk is the former Prince Castle. The Lithuanian prince Lyubart erected the stone fortification on the place of the wooden castle, since that the castle was called in his honour – Lyubart’s Castle. There are some subject expositions in the castle, among which there is the only museum in Ukraine – museum of bells. The castle in Lutsk city is one of the most ancient architectural ensembles in Ukraine, one of the not numerous remained architectural monuments in Ukraine of the epoch of the Great Lithuanian Principality.Sunset. Khmelnitskogo street

Except the castle there are many interesting buildings of different epochs in the city: dwelling houses of 16-19th century, defence tower of the princes Chartoryi, the Holy Trinity Cathedral, Jesuitical Monastery, Monastery of Brigitky, The church the St. Peter and Paul with the active underground, Synagogue, Pokrovska Church etc. In the environs of Lutsk (Ukraine) there is situated also Zhidichinski Nikolaevski Monastery, which is more than 600 years old.German Lutheran Church

The museum of the ancient Volyn’ outdoors is the historical Ukrainian village of the 19th century, similar to Pirogovo in Kiev. It contains the original exhibits, which were brought from different parts of Ukraine.
The inimitable impressions stay after the visit of the museum of Icon of Volyn’.

But the museum outdoors is not the only similarity between Lutsk and Kiev. There is the mysterious House with Chimeras near the German Church in Lutsk Ukraine. This unordinary house, built by sculptor Nikolai Golovan’ on the outskirt of the city, attracts tourists for 30 years. The house is decorated with different specific figures. Near the gates the guests are greeted by fairy lions, figures of apostles Peter and Paul, Mother of God with Jesus.

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  1. Lubart Castle in Lutsk

    Lubart Castle in Lutsk

    According to the local legend, Lutsk castle appeared as a result of marriage of a known in those days Lithuanian Grand Duke and a local princess. The name of the prince was Lubart Vitov, so now the castle is also called Lubart castle. The Construction of