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Museums of Dnepropetrovsk

This city in the central part of Ukraine is known for its industry and contributions in the economy of the country. But the tourists are also attracted by this city, while it possesses a huge number of sights and attractions. Dnepropetrovsk offers a lot of museums, the basis information about which you can see below.

Aquarium of  freshwater Fish
Address: Monastic Island, Shevchenko Park
Phone: (056) 46-21-02
Opening hours: 10.00-18.00
Day off: Monday

Diorama “Battle for Dnepr”
Address: Ave. Karl Marx, 16
Phone: (056) 46-34-26

House-Museum of E.P. Blavatskaya
Address: Leningrad str, 11
Phone: (056) 778-01-00

Zoological Museum of DNU
Address: Ave. Karl Marx, 36
Phone: (056) 744-74-58

Historical Museum in name of D.I. Yavornytsky
Address: Ave. Karl Marx, 16
Phone: (056) 46-34-22

Literary Pridnestrovye, Museum
Address: Ave. Karl Marx, 64
Phone: (056) 778-01-00

Memorial House-Museum of Academician D.I. Yavornytsky
Address: Sq. Shevchenko, 5
Phone: (056) 47-27-61
Address: Babushkina str, 13

Museum of house of culture of ATC 
Address: Artem str, 5
Phone: (056) 744-73-73

Museum of history of the Dnepropetrovsk State Agrarian University
Address: Voroshilov str, 25
Phone: (056) 46-21-92

Museum of history of the Dnepropetrovsk National University
Address: Ave. Gagarin, 72
Phone:  (056) 776-58-27

Museum of history of the Komsomol (University of martial arts, museum and cultural complex)
Address: Sq. Oktyabrskaya, 15
Phone: (056) 377-37-58

Museum of history of Local Government in Dnepropetrovsk region
Address: Ave. Kirova, 2 (the building of the Regional Council)
Phone: (056) 744-13-46

Museum of history of Pridneprovskaya State Academy of Construction and Architecture
Address: Chernyshevskogo str, 24-a
Phone: (056) 371-48-53

History Museum of the development of financial system in Dnepropetrovsk region
Address: Karl Liebknecht str, 3-B

Museum of History of University of Railway Transport
Address: Academica Lazariana str, 2
Phone: (056) 776-19-98

Museum of coins of Ukraine
Address: Ave. Kirova, 46 / 1
Phone: (056) 387-660, 387-675

Museum of Sports Glory of Sports Club "Meteor"
Address: Alexander Makarov str, 27-A
Phone: (056) 787-63-57

National Memorial House-Museum in name of G.I. Petrovsky
Address: Zhovtenyat str, 29
Phone: (056) 59-42-25

National Museum of History of the State University of Chemical Technology of Ukraine
Address: Ave. Gagarina, 8

The museum of the history of the State Medical Academy of Ukraine
Address: Sevastopol str, 17
Phone: (056) 46-75-02

The museum of the history of the State Metallurgical Academy of Ukraine
Address: Ave. Gagarin, 4
Phone: (056) 41-03-56

The museum of the history of the National Mining University
Address: Ave. Karl Marx, 19
Phone: (056) 745-99-88

Art Museum
Address: Shevchenko str, 21
Phone: (056) 47-33-38, 47-32-65, 744-60-35