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Nikolaev Ukraine

Nikolaev. UkraineNikolaev (Nikolayev, Mikolaiv) is the center of Nikolaev region, naval and ship city on the surprisingly picturesque peninsula, the favorite child of Prince Potemkin. It is located in 80 kilometers from the Black Sea. Nikolaev had to become the city-shipyard, the cradle of the Black Sea Fleet, the city – one of the centers of shipbuilding and defense industry. Shipbuilding is represented in Nikolaev by three major shipbuilding plants in Ukraine, which are able to build and deliver the ships of any type. Such specificity imposed imprint on the fate, nature and even the appearance of Nikolaev. Now, about the history of shipbuilding citizens may recall the Museum of Shipbuilding and Fleet, which was formerly the headquarters of the commander of the Black Sea Fleet (1793).

Not far from Nikolaev city there is situated one of the important sights of Ukraine - Greek city-state Olvia of 6th century BC (now - an archaeological reserve) - an inexhaustible treasury of scientific discoveries. Its territory includes about 330 hectares. And in times of flourishing its population counted 20-25 thousand people. It was reminisced in works of Herodotus, Dion Christ. The city was the member of the Athenian Marine Union. Here are found many highly artistic works, which are now stored in museums, not only in Ukraine but also in museums of Berlin, London, Paris, St. Petersburg. In the reserve there are museum, lapidary, the fundstorage, scientific library.

Old Nikolaev. UkraineAnother attraction of the city is a zoo. It was founded in 1901. Today the zoo has 370 species of 2.700 individuals, about 80 species of which are listed in the International Red Book. It is the largest collection in Ukraine. More than 50 species of animals among Ukrainian zoos are represented only in the city of Nikolaev. In 1993 it was adopted in the European Association of Zoos and Aquariums (EAZA). It participates in 18 European breeding programs of rare species (EEP). There is a museum in the zoo, where visitors can see the collection of skulls and stuffed animals that once lived in the zoo, collection of eggs, maps and guides of other zoos. This is the only museum in the zoo in Ukraine.

The unusual structure of the city is hyperboloid water tower (1907). It was built on the project by Vladimir Shukhov. This is one of the first hyperboloid structures in the world, which represents the steel meshy openwork tower. There are only 11 such towers in the world of more than two hundred built by Shukhov.

There is a kind of underground city under Nikolaev - Nikolaev catacombs - a network of underground tunnels and labyrinths beneath the city, which stretch more than 2 km. Drawbridge in Nikolaev. Ukraine

It is not the full list of interesting places of the city. There is the Observatory of the Black Sea Fleet in Nikolaev (Mykolaiv, Mykolayiv), built in 1821, which contains the unique collection of instruments for observing heavenly bodies. There is even an asteroid, named in honor of the city, which was discovered by the Crimean Astrophysical Observatory.

mykolaiv, mykolayiv
  1. Museum of Shipbuilding and Fleet in Nikolaev

    Museum of Shipbuilding and Fleet in Nikolaev

    This is only Museum of shipbuilding and fleet on the territory of Ukraine. The full exposition of the museum is located in 12 halls and has about three thousand different exhibits. One can see here the models of container ships and ore carriers,

  2. Hyperboloid water tower in Nikolaev

    Hyperboloid water tower in Nikolaev

    The remarkable water tower has splendored on the top of the beautiful Spassky Hill (this is one of the highest places in Nikolaev) for more than a hundred years. It has the status of a monument of culture and history. The feature of the tower is its

  3. Officers' Assembly in Nikolaev

    Officers' Assembly in Nikolaev

    Officers' Assembly is the current house of fleet officers. It’s located on Artillery Street, 7. The two-storey building was completely built in the XIX century on the orders of Admiral Alexis Greig. He was the chief commander of the Black Sea

  4. Yacht club in Nikolaev

    Yacht club in Nikolaev

    The oldest yacht club on the territory of Ukraine was founded in Nikolaev in 1887 on the site of Spassky Tract (today Sport Street, 7). The yacht club is more than hundred years old, and its history is directly related to the names of those people, whose

  5. St. Joseph's Church in Nikolaev

    St. Joseph's Church in Nikolaev

    The first officially registered religious community in Nikolaev appeared already 3 years after the city was founded. It was the Greek Catholic community that in 1794 was given fairly modest premises, which used to be a warehouse. Parish constructed a