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The North Ukraine

Kiev. The capital of Ukraine. North UkraineNorth Ukraine is the area of Ukraine, to which belong the territories of the modern Zhitomir, Kiev, Sumy and Chernigov Regions. This area has a high cultural, religious and industrial meaning, on the territory of which is situated the capital of Ukraine – the city of Kiev. The cities of regional meaning are: Chernigov, Zhitomir, Sumy, Bila Tserkva, Pereyaslav-Khmelnitski, Beresan, Boryspil, Brovary, Vasylkiv, Irpin, Slavutych, Romny, Shostka, Nizhyn, Pryluky, Trostianets etc.

The relief of the north area of Ukraine

The north area of Ukraine embraces the part of the East-European Plain, part of the Pridneprovskaya Elevation and Polesye Lowland. Almost all rivers of the area belong to the river basin of Dnepr. Dnepr – is the third river in Europe according to its length (after Volga and Danube). The largest rivers except Dnepr are: Desna, Teterev, Seim, Prypiat, Uzh. On the territory of the area is situated the Kiev Storage Pond. The territory of the north Ukraine is rich in mineral resources. In Chernigov Region are produced oil and gas.

Population of the area

Chernigov. Northern area of UkraineThe location close to the Byelorussian border influenced the nationality structure of the area. There are many Byelorussians among the population. There are also many Jewish (Kiev Region), Poles (Zhitomir Region). Kiev is also the multinational city. On the territory of the north region of the Ukraine are used Russian and Ukrainian languages and also the mixed Russian-Ukrainian dialect (surzhik). The north-western (polesye) parts of the area experienced the influence of the Byelorussian before.

The sights of the North Ukraine

One of the world important sights of the area and the whole Ukraine is Kiev-Pecherska Lavra (Kiev), which belongs to such world sacred places as Mount Sinai, Monastery of St. Sergius of Radonezh and the residence of Dalai Lama. The religious beliefs of the area are generally orthodox, that influenced its cultural legacy.

But the area is rich not only in its sacral attractions, which one can see almost in every region of the area(Sofia Kievskaya, Antony Caves, Spaso-Preobrazhenskiy Cathedral and others), but also in cultural-historical, architectural monuments and monuments of the landscape architecture.

In the area there are many nature conservation North Ukraine. Zhitomir. Kupalnizones and historic-cultural reserves, among which there are two natural parks – Itchnianskiy National Natural Park and Mesinskiy National Natural Park (on the territory of Chernigov Region). In the north part of Ukraine there are also historic-cultural reserves in the town Gluhov, Vyshgorod and the reserve “Kachanovka”, park “Alexandria” (Bila Tserkva).