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Poltava. Ukraine

Beautiful PoltavaPoltava is the old city with the historical and cultural monuments. According to the latest archeological researches the age of Poltava is 1100 years.

In the boundaries of the city took place the world known historical event – the Poltava Battle. In the honour of the anniversary of the battle, Poltava was built by the best architects of those times, just like the “small Petersburg”. Since those times the city inherited the unique ensemble of the Round square. The architectural ensemble of the Round square (19th century) embodies the number of churches, modern beautiful buildings, monasteries, architectural monuments and also a cathedral and a temple.

The major attraction of the central part of Poltava is the Monument of Glory. It was set on the place, where Tsar Peter the first had appealed to the local citizens and Poltava in  wintergarrison of the fortress after the Poltava Battle on 27th of June 1709. 18 cannons from the bastions of Poltava and Perevolochna fortresses were embedded into the basis of the monument.

 Also one of the main sights of Poltava is the national reserve “The Field of Poltava Battle”. It is the only historical-cultural reserve in Ukraine, where the historical landscape, fragments of the fortress buildings in the beginning of the 18th century and the territory of the battle remained without changes. The reserve enters the international organization of the military-historical museums under the of UNESCO. On the territory of the Field of Poltava Battle in the April 1962 there were founded the Poltava dendrological Park – the only landscape park in the city.
During the celebration of the two hundreds anniversary of the Poltava Battle in 1909 there were opened the White Pavilion. There is the wonderful view on the Poltava environs and Monastery of the Exaltation of the Cross from the place of the pavilion.

Poltava. ListopadThis monastery is known for the miraculous relics of the saints. The main shrine of the monastery was the miraculous icon of the Lamenting Virgin.
Among the other historical sights of Poltava is the estate of Kotliarevski, the museum of regional studies, the museum of the Poltava Battle and 20 monuments and memorable signs associated with the battle, the museum of the far aviation outdoor and the monument of Poltava dumpling, which is considered to be the visit card of the city.

Poltava presented the world many talented and noble people. The world heard the voice of Ivan Kotliarevski here, Nikolai Gogol studied here, the writers Panas Mirnyi, Vladimir Korolenko lived and worked here.


  1. Art Gallery in Poltava

    Art Gallery in Poltava

    Art Gallery in Poltava is well known due to the fact, as it is considered one of the most significant in Ukraine. The huge showroom with a large area about 550 square meters provides an opportunity to deploy a large wide-ranging exhibition. The technical

  2. Round Square in Poltava

    Round Square in Poltava

    The Round Square is one of the attractions in Poltava. It was founded in 1804. As the urban legend, that has already become a part of the official history of Poltava, says there was a meeting of Peter I to the townspeople after a battle with the Swedes.

  3. Holy Cross Nunnery in Poltava

    Holy Cross Nunnery in Poltava

    Poltava is one of those cities in Ukraine, where literally everything breathes with history. Here you can find not only a huge amount of secular monuments, but church. One of these monuments is Poltava Holy Cross Monastery. Holy Cross Monastery was