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Pumpkin Porridge Recipe

Pumpkin porridge Ukrainian hot desertWash pumpkin and peel. Cut peeled pumpkin into small pieces, place it in a saucepan and pour water there in a 1:2 proportion.

Cover a saucepan with lid and place it on a stove. After the water starts boiling, put a saucepan over low heat and boil to readiness.

Then add to the porridge washed rice and boil over medium heat to its readiness. When the rice has boiled soft and water volume has decreased onto a level of pumpkin and rice, add to the porridge milk, salt and sugar to taste and boil, stirring constantly, until the milk starts boiling.

Then reduce heat and simmer, stirring, until soft (for about 5 minutes). Avoid burning!

Add some butter to a plate with hot pumpkin porridge. Serve pumpkin porridge hot or cold. Pumpkin porridge will be sweet and its sweetness depends on your taste.  If you wish, you can replace rice with millet. Sort of pumpkin has a huge influence on taste of cooked porridge. Muscat pumpkin passes the best.

Pumpkin porridge with baked milk, made from “hundred pound pumpkin” and rice sort “Jasmine” and seasoned with butter has a moderate sweetness and can be served as a hot dessert.