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The city of Rivne (Rovno)

Rivne welcomes. UkraineRivne is the region center of the Rivne region in Ukraine with the population 230 thousands people. The first written note about Rivne was in 1282 in connection with the battle between Lithuanian and Polish troops. During the Second World War Rivne was the capital of the occupied territory of Ukraine. Though the city is not large but it is beautiful, cosy and clean. There are not many architectural sights, but some of them have the interesting history.

Among the sights of the city are the museum of the Ukrainian art, Rivne music-dramatic theatre, zoo, local history museum, in the public garden of which there is situated the exhibition of the defence technologies. There are a lot of monuments in Rovno. Generally, these are the monuments to the heroes of the hostilities of different times and to the noble Ukrainian historical persons: the monument “To the fallen for Ukraine”, the monument of “Glory”, the Stele to the Heroes of the Soviet Union, the monument to Taras Shevchenko, to Maria Rovenskaya.

Shevchenko Park. RivneTo the monuments of the park art belongs the park Shevchenko – the favourite rest place for the citizens. The park with the square about 30 hectares amazes with its cosy alleys and the creations of nature and of human.

The unique attraction of Rivne is the Column of Mother of God. First of all it is interesting with its miraculous power. The monument-column of Mother of God was founded in 1770, when in Rivne had broken out the epidemic of plaque. After the monument was set, the epidemic miraculously vanished. During the years the outlook of the column changed for many times. In 1856 in the times of cholera, people remembered about the miraculous healing and began the restoration of the monument. After the restoration works, the cholera had left the city. The last restoration of the column of Mother of God was in 2003. But this restoration was not associated with some disaster, just in Soviet times it was destroyed.

To the architectural monuments of Rivne belong the beautiful churches and cathedrals: Resurrection Cathedral, Intercession Cathedral, St. Resurrection Cathedral, Roman Catholic Church of Rivne. Bird's eye viePeter and Paul and others. Assumption Church (1756) is one of the remained wooden churches up to nowadays. In the good conditions remained the bell tower and the so called “chain of moral principles”, to which were chained the impious church people for the public expiation of sins. There is the other beautiful architectural monument of the 19th century – St Antony Church (1868) with the beautiful clock on the façade. Now this is the house of organ music.

  1. St. Anthony Church in Rivne

    St. Anthony Church in Rivne

    Conversion was only the way to keep a religious building from destroying in the days of "militant atheism". In the best way they become museums, which sometimes were restored. Worse matters stood with temples, they were put on storehouses. It seemed that

  2. Shevchenko Park in Rivne

    Shevchenko Park in Rivne

    Walking and enjoying the historical monuments in Rivne, do not forget to visit a park named in honor of Taras Shevchenko. Locals and visitors thank the former owners of the city - Polish magnates Lubomirski for its appearance in the center of the city.