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Rivne region

City of RivneRivne region is located in the north-west of Ukraine. In the north it borders with Brest region, in the north-east - Gomel region in Belarus, in the east - Zhitomir region, south-east - Khmelnitsky, south - Ternopol, south-west - Lviv, west - Volyn regions of Ukraine.
Geographically, the Rivne region can be divided into two parts: the northern, which lies within the Polesye lowland, and the southern, part of the Volyn Upland. About a third of the region's territory is covered with forests. Among the minerals peat is to be singled out (its deposits are the largest in Ukraine), there are also explored and exploited deposits of granite, basalt, construction stone, kaolin.

Archaeological finds on the territory of modern Rivne region indicate that the land was inhabited since the late Paleolithic period. In VI-VII centuries Volyn (Rivne region is considered to be the part of Volyn) was inhabited by tribes of Dulebians. At the beginning of X century there are formed close relations between Kiev and Volyn. In the same century Volyn land is part of the Vladimir principality of Kievan Rus. After the collapse of the Galicia-Volyn principality the territory of modern Rivne region became part of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania (1340).

City of Ostrog. Rivne regionIn the middle of XVII century Ukraine was in the grip of the liberation war under the leadership of Bogdan Khmelnitsky. It is Rivne castle in 1625, where was preparing a political agreement between the Poland and Ukrainian Cossacks. After the war, in 1793 the eastern part of Volyn was annexed to Russia, and two years later and the rest of Volyn - as part of Russia.

According to the Riga Peace Treaty (18 March 1921), Rivne region retreated to Poland. After the annexation of Western Ukraine to URSR December 4, 1939 there was established Rivne region with its center in Rivne.

Transport connection

Rivne region has a developed transport network.
The length of highways is 5237 km.
The region is crossed with the highways Kiev-Warsaw, Kiev-Brest, Kiev-Lviv and Kiev-Chernovtsy.
Large railway junctions of the cities Zdolbuniv, Sarna and the regional center serve the railway lines crossing the region in the meridional and latitudinal directions. The operational length of railways of general use is 587 km. In the regional center there is one of the most modern airports in Ukraine.

Attractions in Rivne region

Total number of monuments of history, archeology, urban planning and architecture, monumental art in the region is 1122.

Memorial reserve “Berestetskaya Battlefield”. Rivne regionThe most interesting tourist sights are: the State Historical and Cultural Reserve in the town of Ostrog, State Historical and Cultural Reserve in the town of Dubno, Historical and Memorial reserve “Berestetskaya Battlefield”, The State Museum “Cossack graves”, Monastery-fortress of XV-XVII century; Lutsk arch XVI; Synagogue XVI; Trinity Monastery-fortress of XV-XVII century and the castle of 1550, and other monuments.

  1. Basaltic columns near the village Basaltove.

    Basaltic columns near the village Basaltove.

    The 30-metres basaltic columns near the village Basaltove in district Kostopil (Rivne region, Ukraine) look like the fossil waterfall with some cascades. It is situated on the territory of Ivano-Dolynski quarry. There are no alternatives in Europe. This

  2. 1350 years old Oak is the oldest tree of Ukraine

    1350 years old Oak is the oldest tree of Ukraine

    Five people can hardly grip the 1350 years old oak. This old oak which is called “Prince Igor’s tree” is a unique mixture of the natural treasure and the historical heritage. The oldest tree of Ukraine grows in the estate Yuzefin in the

  3. Fortress near the village Tarakaniv

    Fortress near the village Tarakaniv

    Fortress near the village Tarakaniv in Dubnivski district Rivne region (Ukraine) had been erected since 1895 to 1900 by Russian militaries who wanted to make it the bastion on the border with Austro-Hungarian Empire. But only one big battle took place

  4. Novomalin Castle

    Novomalin Castle

    There is a landmark just in 10 km from Ostrog, which is certainly to visit - the ruins of Novomalin castle (village Novomalin in Rivne region). First time it was mentioned in 1392 – the Polish King Vladislav Jagailo gave this locality to the

  5. Mezhirich Holy Trinity Monastery

    Mezhirich Holy Trinity Monastery

    Mezhirich Holy Trinity Monastery is one of the oldest monasteries in Ukraine. Mezhirich Holy Trinity Monastery story is full of violent events, associates with the princes Ostrogski family. Namely with Prince Feodor Ostrogski - Lutsk starost. Although

  6. Czartoryski castle in Klevan

    Czartoryski castle in Klevan

    Klevan is a village that is located on the border between Rivne and Volyn region on the bank of Stubl river. Historical documents prove that Klevan in the middle of the XV century used to belong to Prince Czartoryski. However, historians suggest that