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Recipe of Russian Salad (Olivier)

Recipe Russian Salad (Olivier)Russian Salad is also known as Salad Olivier in Russia, Ukraine, Iran, and in the United States

Ingredients for cooking Russian salad:

1 can green peas (400 g)
300 g meat
4 eggs
350 g potatoes
100 g sprinkled or salted cucumbers
150 g onion

How to cook Russian Salad (Olivier)

Boil meat to readiness (for about 40 minutes). Boil potatoes to readiness. Let the meat and potatoes cool. Chop onion fine. Pour boiling water over the onion and let it rest for 10 minutes. Then pour the water down and wash the onion under cold water. Cut meat into cubes.

Peel potatoes and cut into cubes. Chop eggs fine. Chop the cucumbers fine. Combine potatoes, meat, onion, green peas (pour water down a pan), eggs and cucumbers, add salt. Season it all with mayonnaise. Decorate the dish to taste.