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Sevastopol city in Ukraine

Sevastopol is the largest maritime trade port and in the Fountains in Sevastopolsame time it is an industrial, recreational, cultural and historical center of the southern Ukraine. It is located on the southwestern part of Crimean peninsula. Translated from the Greek Sevastopol means “majestic, worthy of worship, the heroic city”. And Sevastopol justified its name with its history.

Many centuries ago, people estimated the value of these comfortable places for leaving. Remains of ancient settlements discovered by archaeologists dated with the first millennium BC. Tauri, Scythians, Sarmatians tribes lived here. In the 5th century BC on the shores of this quiet bay settled the ancient Greeks. They founded Khersones (Chersonesos) the city-state, which existed for two millennia (from 5th century B.C. to 15th century A.D.). On the territory of Kherson Reserve you can find a bath where Vladimir the Great was baptized.

In all times Sevastopol port was an important military target and experienced a lot of attacks during its history. In Sevastopol was located the Black Sea Naval of Russian Empire and than the Black Sea Naval of Soviet Union. In one of Sevastopol bays on August 25, 1899 has been established radio communication between warships for the first time in the world history.

View of the new part of Sevastopol

The battle events from Sevastopol history were immortalized in monuments of architecture and art. In 1905 in Sevastopol was created the largest panorama the Defense of Sevastopol in 1854-1855 (Crimean War). The military actions of the Second World War are depicted in the largest diorama in Ukraine “The assault of Sapun Mountain May 7, 1944”. The length of this canvas is about 25.5 m and height is about 5.5 m.

Tourists can find a lot of sightseeing located around Sevastopol (Crimea) and in the city. The oldest aqueduct in Crimea is located in Sevastopol (Ukraine). Aqueduct is channel or pipe for supplying water to the city, located above the sources. It was built in 1840. In 1837-1843 in Sevastopol was built the largest Coastal Battery of casemates in Europe – the Nikolaev Battery. The length of it’s facade is about 460 meters, with the casemates for 194 guns. In Sevastopol Ukraine you can see the highest lighthouse in Commonwealth of Independent States. It is the Eastern lighthouse in Inkerman (its height is about 186 meters above sea level). In Sevastopol you also can find the highest ladder in the Crimea, it leads to the St. George Monastery in Balaklava. The ladder comes down from the height of about 200 m. Sevastopol has a huge amount of ladders there are 82 of them in this city. There is no other city in the Crimea and perhaps in whole Ukraine with such amount of ladders.

Bell in SevastopolIn 1931 near Sevastopol city was built the first wind power station in the world. Another sightseeing located not far from Sevastopol is the largest underground building of the Crimea security-guarded in Soviet times. The underground building was built at a depth of 180 meters and had a role of backup command post for the Government of USSR during 1979 - 1992. The building has three underground blocks. Each of them has 2-5 floors. Those blocks are connected with each other with ladder, passages and underground roads, where could drive 2 armoured troop-carrier at the same time. The distance between the entrances to the underground building is more than 600 meters.

If you want to get a lot of emotions in the end of you trip you should visit Sevastopol Aquarium-Museum. Travel to Sevastopol!

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    St. Vladimir's Cathedral in Sevastopol

    Sevastopol (Autonomous Republic of Crimea, ARC) is a city of naval officers, a city where history breathes from every stone. St. Vladimir's temple or the Tombs of the Admirals (also known as Admiralty Cathedral) is one of the attractions in Sevastopol.

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    The Monument to Sunken Ships was founded in Sevastopol, on a manually created from roughly processed granite blocks island in 1905. It is located in Primorsky boulevard in 10 meters from the seashore. The installation of the monument was timed to match