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Simferopol city in Ukraine

Night Simferopol. UkraineSimferopol city is the capital of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, its administrative, industrial, scientific and cultural center. It is located in the center of the Crimean peninsula on the river Salghir between two ridges of the Crimean Mountains - internal and external. Simferopol city is justly called the “Gates of Crimea”, where all roads meet, leading to all corners of the wonderful Crimean land. The population of Simferopol (Cirmea) – is about 400 thousand inhabitants. The city mixed in the different nationalities, among which are mostly Russian, many also of the Crimean Tatars. Simferepol and its environs have a unique combination of natural and historical sights. Here are monuments of ancient history and architecture, museums and theaters. Among the remained monuments of architecture are: the former house of A.S. Tarapov-Belozerov (1826), the oldest building in the city - Kiber-Jami Mosque (1580), the house belonging to a doctor F.K. Mil’gauzen on Kievskaia Street - the only extant house in the Crimea in the style "rural empire» (XIX c), and others.

Autumn in Simferopol. UkraineThere were carried out many archaeological excavations in the city. The Paleolithic Site in the Cave Chokurcha (Lugovaia Street) is the most known among all of them. This is the extant site of primitive man who lived 40-50 thousand years ago. There is also the Scythian settlement Kermen-Kyr - on the territory of the farm of Dzerzhinsky. For lovers of ancient history is of particular interest the Scythian Naples City, the capital of ancient Scythian state (on the Petrovskie Rocks). This is one of the Scythian king's fortresses, the largest in the Crimea Scythian ancient settlement (20 ha). There were the remains of the strong (8.5 meters thick) defensive wall with two towers, one of which is the mausoleum (72 burials: the king and the nobility), which is of particular interest. The richness of the burial tombs recalls the great burial mounds. Mausoleum is the only monument of such kind in the Scythian settlements. There were also excavated the remains of dwellings and public buildings, including the frescoes.

The numerous monuments of landscape architecture also remained in the city: Vorontsov Palace Complex (1827) in the park "Salghirka", estate of P.S. Palas and others. In the Children's park in Simferopol city there Fountains in Simferopol Ukraineremained the 500 years old oak “Bogatyr of Taurida” (Hero of Taurida). The circumference of the trunk is about 6 meters, diameter of the crown - 30 meters. Near there are several 300-500-year-old oak trees of smaller sizes. Two bicentennial London plane trees are in the park "Salghirka", which were planted in late XVIII century. There is also the unique chestnut with 5 trunks - planted by Doctor F.K. Mil’gauzen in 1812.
The tank-monument, placed in the public garden of Victory in 1944 to commemorate the liberation of Simferopol (Ukraine) on April 13, 1944, reminds people the history of World War II.
In the suburbs of Simferopol there are many natural sights including Red, Marble and Snake caves.