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Sumy region

City of SumySumy region is located in north-east of Ukraine. In the north and north-east it borders on Bryansk, Kursk and Belgorod regions of Russia. The length of the borders with Russia in the Sumy is the largest among the other regions of Ukraine - 498 km. On the border there are three railway and five car crossing points.  

The area of the region is 23.8 thousand square km or 3.9% of Ukraine's territory, the length from west to east is 180 km, from north to south - 300km.  

Sumy region was formed on Jan. 10th, 1939 and consists of 18 districts, 15 cities, 7 of which are of regional subordination (Ohtyrka, Hlukhiv, Konotop, Lebedyn, Romny, Sumy, Shostka), 20 towns and 1500 villages. The administrative center is the city of Sumy.  

Fountain in SumyThe population of Sumy region is more than 1.2 million or 2.6% of Ukrainian population, including urban population – 65.7%, rural – 34.3%.  
In the nationality structure dominate Ukrainians – 85.5%, Russians are 13.3%, with the largest number of Russian in the eastern part of the region, which borders on Russia, the third largest are Byelorussians (0.5%), as well as Jews ( 0.2%), Gipsy (0.1%) and others.  

Sights of Sumy  

City Putivl is located on the River Seim, 101 km to the north-west of Sumy, known since the tenth century and sung in old monument of literature "The Tale of Igor’s Campaign". Putivl is a fortress on the shaft of which, according to the Chronicle, Yaroslavna was peeping and waiting for her husband, Prince Igor. In the XII century it was the center of the Putivl Principality. During the Great Patriotic War here started the partisan movement under the command of S.A. Kovpak.  

The city Putivl preserved ensemble of Movchans'kyi monastery-fortress Movchanskyi Monastery-Fortress in  Putivl(XVI-XVII centuries) with the Cathedral of the Nativity of the Mother of God (1630-1636), bell tower (1700) and the building cells (in the XIX century), as well as the Church of St. Nicholas Kazatskiy (1735-1737) in Ukrainian Baroque style. In the museum of the city you can see the chair of False Dmitriy, "The Gospel", published in 1618, a collection of weapons, ethnographic materials. 

  1. Church of the Annunciation in Trostyanets

    Church of the Annunciation in Trostyanets

    Trostyanets is a small city in Sumy region that has a population of 23.000 people/. Despite the relatively small size and population, Trostyanets still has a lot of remarkable architectural monuments for you to see. Virtually from any point in