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Travel Guide to Ukraine

Ukraine is a country with marvelous nature, which is mainly due to the georgraphic location of the state: from North to South climate in Ukraine changes from moderate continental to subtropical. The cultural heritage of Ukraine is also astounding with all its unique cities and villages. While travelling across Ukraine, tourists get constantly impressed by cultural and historic attractions, the spirit of history and various architectural wonders. Ukrainian attractions are so diverse that every Ukrainian district is not like the rest of them. One thing that strikes every traveler in Ukraine is that Ukrainian people have been always determined to preserve its cultural identity and is now willing to share it with everyone.

Ukrainian landscape

Based on the geographic location, Ukraine is divided into 5 parts: Southern, Northern, Easter, Western and Central Ukraine. During the centuries of Ukrainian history, this country has been part of different states, which obviously influenced its development. That is why within one country there are so many differences in culture, mentality and language, and that’s what tourists love about Ukraine.

Travel guide to Central Ukraine

The territory of Central Ukraine includes five regions: Dnepropetrovsk, Vinnitsa, Cherkassy, Poltava and Kirovograd. Regional centers of those regions are the largest cities in the area, and Dnepropetrovsk is the most populated city in Ukraine. People speak both Russian and Ukrainian in Central Ukraine, but Poltava, Kirovograd and Vinnitsa regions are more likely to speak Ukrainian in their everyday life, while Russian is mostly used in Dnepropetrovsk and Cherkassy regions.

The Dnieper river

The nature here is so diverse that it can please any tourist, no matter if he’s a keen hiker or likes to lie in the sun. Central Ukraine has rivers (including Dnieper), lakes, various forests, as well as swamps and steppes.

There are also lots of attractions in Central Ukraine: architecture monuments of the Cossack times, Kholodnyi Yar in Cherkassy region, Hitler’s headquarters “Werewolf” and the Ilyinets crater in Vinnitsa region, as well as natural attractions: Dnieper and Southern Bug. There are numerous castles, museums, natural parks and healing springs. Another highlight of the region is the dendropark Sofievka in Uman. Central Ukraine is the best destination for travelers who are interested in green tourism.

The dendropark of Sofiyevka

There are large mixed and coniferous forests bordering on steppes, and a lot of rivers and lakes. All of this makes Central Ukraine a desirable tourist destination. There are also lots of sanatoriums and resorts: “Khmelnik”, “The Birch forest”, “Mountain”, “Avangard”, “The Forest song” sanatoriums in Vinnitsa regions; “Aquadar”, “Kolos”, “Moschnogorye”, and “Mechta” sanatoriums in Cherkassy region. There are also a lot of specialized sanatoriums in Dnepropetrovsk regions, where you can both have rest and get necessary medical treatment.

Central Ukraine is rich in folklore traditions and sacral items for sale. Your vacation in these picturesque surroundings with endless green plains and the mighty, affluent Dnieper, will be an unforgettable experience.

Economy of the region is based on metallurgy, mining, engineering, chemical and agricultural industries. Dnepropetrovsk region is the national leader in engineering industry.

Travel guide to South Ukraine

South Ukraine is an area that includes Odessa, Kherson, Nikolayev, Zaporozhye regions and the Crimea. The largest cities are Odessa (fourth most populated city in Ukraine), Zaporozhye and Simferopol. Russian is usually spoken in South Ukraine.

Natural park Askania Nova

The climate of South Ukraine is characterized by a large number of sunny days, hot summer, mild and moderately warm winter with low rainfall. Access to the Black and Azov seas, as well as the banks of Dnieper, makes this region a desirable vacation spot. Nature in the region is also marvelous with its stunning landscapes, lots of sunlight and sea breeze. There is a unique natural park Askania Nova in Kherson region, Oleshkovski sands – the largest desert in Europe, and the largest artificial forest.

The island of Khortitsa

Among the highlights of the region there is Odessa with its Potemkin Stairs, monument to Richelieu, Vorontsov Palace, Panteleimon Cathedral, and "Privoz". In Nikolayev be sure to visit the Shipbuilding museum, the Naval boulevard, the Admiralty and the famous zoo. The Crimea is known as one big attraction with dozens of cultures being combined into one unforgettable blend. Every Crimean city has something to offer to tourists. Southern Ukraine also has a lot of theatres, museums and reservations. The birthplace of Ukrainian Cossack movement is located in Zaporozhye region on Khortytsia island.

There are also lots of resort in this area, including the most popular ones: Yalta, Alushta, Livadia, "Artek", Gurzuf, Koreiz, Sudak, Mishor, Foros, Partenit (Crimea), Kirillovka, Berdyansk (Zaporizhia region), Odessa, Zatoka (Odessa region). Most of the resorts are well equipped and offer everyone a good quality rest. Unique climate conditions of the region also benefit the medical treatment facilities.

The Yalta quay

A combination of Tripoli, ancient, Scythian, Sarmatian, and Cossack cultures creates a cultural pattern that cannot be seen anywhere else in Ukraine. What is also important that over 20 nations inhabit the territory of Southern Ukraine.

The economy of the region is mostly based on shipbuilding, agricultural, chemical and resort industries.

Travel guide to Northern Ukraine

Northern Ukraine includes the following regions: Zhitomir, Kiev, Chernigov, Sumy, Volyn and Rivne. Both Ukrainian and Russian languages are widely used in these regions. The largest cities in Northern Ukraine are Kiev, the capital of the country, and regional centers.

Climate of Northern Ukraine is moderately continental, and that is why summers are filled with sunlight, and winter is offering lots of snow activities. Coniferous and deciduous forests are frequent in Northern Ukraine. Numerous rivers flow through the region, including the most famous river in Ukraine Dnieper. To experience and extreme journey visit swamps on the Belarus border.

The Kiev-Pechersk Lavra

Northern Ukraine is a territory where the great Kievan Rus was born. The most significant events in the national history happened there. Every event left its trace in architecture, culture and art. Kiev, for example, is rich in antique churches and temples. A true gem of sacral architecture is the building of Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, which is visited by thousands of tourists every year. There are also a lot of various museums and galleries. Kiev is perfect for a family vacation. In Zhitomir region you can visit the St. Sophia church, Transfiguration Cathedral, the Magistrate, Bishop's House, as well as a natural wonder – Chatsky’s head, and many others. Medieval palaces, churches and temples, the citadel of Baturin fortress and lots of other exciting objects have been preserved in Chernigov region.

There are a lot of nice vacation destinations in Norhtern Ukraine as well. Numerous sanatoriums, recreation centers, hotels and private estates are located on the banks of Dnieper, including the most well-known resorts: Pusha-Voditsa, Vorzel, Concha Zaspa, Irpen, Boyarka and others. Along the Dnieper river you can always pick a comfortable spot for a picnic. Hunters will also be pleased with multiple forests of the region.

Kiev, the capital of Ukraine

Kiev is one of the cultural centers of Ukraine. Most scientific establishments are situated here. Numerous theatres, libraries, museums and cinemas offer lots of entertainment opportunities. What strikes tourists the most about Northern Ukraine is the spirit of Ukrainian nation that can be seen everywhere you go.

Northern Ukrainian economy is largely supported by metallurgic, engineering, light, aerospace and food industries that are known outside Ukraine.

Travel guide to Eastern Ukraine

Eastern Ukraine consists of Lugansk, Donetsk and Kharkov regions. This area is the most densely populated in Ukraine, and the largest cities are Donetsk, Kharkov and Lugansk. Most part of the population of the region uses Russian for communication, which is easily explained by geographical closeness to Russia.

The region is largely urbanized, but still has a lot of marvelous views to offer its visitors. Ukrainians and foreigners imagine this are as one big black spot, but once they come here, this image no longer exists. Authentic natural beauty of the region is maintained by numerous natural reservations.

The Donbass Arena stadium

Among the most popular attractions we can name Holy Dormition Svyatogorsk Lavra and Soledar salt mines, the largest square in Europe – the Svobody square in Kharkov, as well as many other archeological, architecture and historical monuments. Another highlight of the region is the Stone grave and Druzhkovsky stone forest. After the Euro 2012 championship Donets became the sport center of Ukraine due to the Donbass Arena, a cutting-edge sport complex.

If you want to have a vacation combined with medical treatment, pay a visit to the Soledar salt mines, sanatoriums of Slavyansk, including “Yubileyny”, “Slavyansky” and “Donbass”, and sanatoriums of Svyatogorsk, for example, “Shakhter”. Ukrainians love the picturesque landscapes of Urzuf, Novoazovsk, Belosarayska foreland and Schurov. Here you can choose from cozy cottages, luxurious estates and private small hotels.

Salt mines in Soledar

Eastern Ukraine is rich in cultural and entertainment facilities: theatres, museums, planetariums, circuses and philharmonic halls. This diversity means anyone can find entertainment for their taste.

Economy of Eastern Ukraine is based on mining, metallurgic, engineering and chemical industries. Overall the region produces about 20% of Ukrainian industrial produce.

Travel guide to Western Ukraine

Western Ukraine consists of Lviv, Ternopol, Zakarpattya, Chernovtsy, Ivano-Frankovsk and Khmelnitsky regions. This is the least densely populated area in Ukraine, and 90% if the population speak Ukrainian in their day-to-day lives. The largest cities are Lviv, Ivano-Frankovsk and Chernovtsy.

Nature of Carpathian mountains

Nature of Western Ukraine is mesmerizing. There are endless plains called “polonyny” with rare plants growing on them; tall, impressive Carpathians, and fast, night mountain rivers. Due to the lack of production and a large number of forests the air there is so clear that it even makes you feel dizzy at first. Here is where the highlight of Ukrainian nature, the Synevir lake, is located.

Western Ukraine is a region that has belonged to numerous foreigners over the centuries. These historical circumstances created a lot of attractions, which include ancient castles, palaces, forts and fortifications, natural parks and reservations. Every city in Western Ukraine is unique on its own. One day is definitely not enough to see all of the beauty and historical heritage Western Ukraine has to offer.

Chernovtsy in Western Ukraine

As for vacation opportunities, they are virtually unlimited in Western Ukraine. Lots of sanatoriums, cottages, hotels and estates are waiting for tourists. Most of these vacation spots are located on the banks of rivers and lakes not far from wildwood. These unique surroundings make the vacation not only pleasant, but also healing with its mineral springs, salt mines, and therapeutic mud. You will love a rest in Western Ukraine all year long. Skiing resorts, which are famous even outside Ukraine, are always happy to welcome visitors during the snowy season.

If there is a Ukrainian region that tells the most about its history and culture, it’s Western Ukraine. Local culture is so authentic and unconventional, that even a fellow Ukrainian from some other part of Ukraine feels like he’s travelling a different country. The same goes for foreign tourists. Ukrainian spirit is everywhere, from historical monuments to meals that are served in special local diners.

Economy of Western Ukraine is mainly based on mining, light and food industries.

Ukraine is a magnificent country that is always welcoming its guests!